Building & Room Space Information

Preconstruction Center Classroom

The office of Data and Information Systems maintains a database system with information concerning assignment and utilization of all space owned or operated by the University.

State institutions regularly collect and use data about physical facilities to help meet the needs for comparability across existing data systems. The responsibility to use and maintain its physical facilities effectively and efficiently rests with each Postsecondary institution. Information and analyses derived from the data are necessary for effective management and use of existing facilities, in planning for future expansion or retirement of unnecessary facilities, and in budgeting for necessary maintenance and modification.

FAMIS Space Survey

If you are a designated space coordinator, you may be directly involved with the space survey process using the FAMIS software application.

The current space survey has recently been completed. Additional information will be provided as the next space survey process approaches.

Additional Resources

Search Building Floor Plans

For more information on floor plans or data systems, please contact Kristi Buffington at 970-491-0109.

Space Assignment

Each department is assigned specific space for use by the programs they administer. Planning Services assesses all requests for space assignment, reassignment, or change of space. Proposals and recommendations are forwarded to the VPUO (Vice President of University Operations) for final approval.

Requesting Space

To request space, please contact Kristi Buffington at 970-491-0109 or fill out a space request form Microsoft Word Document (DOC).

Upgrading Labs or Classrooms

Units may use the Classroom/Instructional Labs List to submit new projects to the Classroom Review Board (CRB). Classroom and instructional lab projects are prioritized for central funding by the CRB. Please be sure to indicate the type: classroom, instructional lab, or open lab.

Please contact Kristi Buffington at 970-491-0109 for more information.

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