Facilities Needs Request Instructions

Complete a Facilities Needs Request Form (FNRF) Adobe Reader Document (PDF) to enter capital projects into the physical development planning process. Capital projects have estimated costs exceeding $100,000. FNRF are submitted in the Fall by each Vice President, College Dean and Agency Director during the annual update of the University's Ten-Year Physical Development Plan (PDP). Capital projects should be well described and have funding options identified in the FNRF budget section.

For more information about the PDP process, please contact Shelly Carroll at 970-491-0167.

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Facilities Needs Request Form (FNRF) Adobe Reader Document (PDF)

Explanation of Form Fields

Form Item


Current Date Enter the date you complete the form.
Project Title Enter the title of the project.
Unit Name Name the office of the requesting Vice President, College, or Agency.
Unit Priority Enter the unit priority number for each project as it is ranked against all other capital requests for the Vice President, College, or Agency. Use a whole number sequence where top priority is #1.
Department Name Name the Department within the College/Agency requesting the project (optional).
Contact Name Enter the name and telephone number of a contact person who will answer questions regarding the requested project and the information provided on the Facilities Needs Request Form.
Department Priority Enter the departmental priority number (optional).
Building Data Projects requesting new and/or renovated space should provide the following building facts related to the area(s) needed and/or involved: Building Name, Building Number, and Room Number(s). Provide the best estimate or an actual Assignable Square Footage and Gross Square Footage.
Project Description Please prepare a concise project description. Discuss the ‘who, what, where, and when’ of the project. For more space, use the Comment section or attach supplemental sheets.
Program Planning Indicate the need for (or status of) the project Program Plan. Non-maintenance PDP projects exceeding $500,000 must have a Program Plan approved by the State Board of Agriculture and the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) prior to initiation. Program Plans are developed during the fiscal year prior to the year a project is to be funded either locally or legislatively. Contact Toni Scofield at 491-0005 for assistance.
Justification Detail how the project will benefit the program(s) and the University in both the near and long terms. If possible, reference University Strategic Plan goals, key strategies/implementation plans.
Program Occupant List what program(s) will occupy the space after the project is completed.
Budget Proposal Enter the Total Estimated Cost of the Project. If a cost proposal has been prepared, please attach a copy. Indicate the proposed fund types and estimate amounts. Please note that some funding categories require prior coordination with other University offices. Leave unknown items blank. Contact Toni Scofield at 491-0005 if you need assistance in preparing a project cost estimate.
Comments Enter any other information that may provide a better understanding of the value of this request.