Construction & Planning: Construction Projects

Facilities Needs Request Form (FNRF)
Instructions for Facilities Needs Request

Small Construction Projects

Small Projects are defined to be those facilities projects having cost estimates in the $100,000 to $500,000 range. Small Projects are facilities-related and not equipment. The Small Project List is a comprehensive inventory of all small projects that a unit plans to accomplish with departmental funds in the upcoming calendar year. It is reviewed and approved by the Cabinet during the budget process and will satisfy the university approval requirement outlined below. Units with a Cabinet-approved Small Project List may begin construction without delay when/if departmental funding becomes available.

Facilities projects having costs in excess of $100,000 require University approval. Plant fund accounts cannot be created without documentation of the required university approval and therefore construction cannot proceed without it. University approval may be acquired in the following ways:

  • Projects listed in the Ten-Year Physical Development Plan (PDP) have university approval.
  • Projects included in the dean's budget request submittals to the University have required approval.
  • Projects on the Small Project List submitted to the President by Facilities Management have University approval.
  • Special requests for individual project approvals from the President may be obtained by submitting a formal request via Facilities Management before construction begins.

There is a dedicated group of people responsible for construction of small projects/remodels and the planning, cost estimating, and contract administration work involving the construction, alteration, modification, maintenance and repair of state owned buildings. They act as a liaison between the users of a facility, supervisory physical plant personnel, trades people, construction contractors, or subcontractors to gather information, provide technical construction advice and assistance to effect mutual accord on construction plans, specifications, scheduling.

All requests for minor construction, other than emergencies, can be submitted to the Customer Services Center 491-0077 or by contacting 491-0075. Description of work to be performed should be detailed and specific, as vague and/or insufficient information can cause problems. If a cost estimate is required prior to the work performed, please ensure that this is clearly specified. Meetings are scheduled with clients to determine needs:

  1. Approvals from Vice President or Dean
  2. SpaceNeeds/Requirements/Authorization
  3. Funding
  4. Descriptionof Work
  5. Timeline
  6. Moving (if applicable)

For more information call 491-0075 or 491-0136.

Capital construction projects

Capital construction projects arise out of the University's need to create, expand, relocate, or alter a program due to growth, advances in technology, or changes in methods of program delivery. Projects addressing physical space requirements needed to accommodate particular functions, such as those traditionally included in facility programs, constitute program-driven requests and therefore are considered to be capital construction projects.

Controlled maintenance projects arise out of the deterioration of a facility's physical and functional condition and the inability to comply with current codes. These are defined as maintenance-driven requests, as opposed to program-driven requests that constitute capital construction projects.

Large capital construction projects costing over $500,000 with high priorities require approved Program Plans. Facility-specific Program Plans detail the needs and scope for high priority capital projects identified through the Physical Development Plan steps outlined below.