• Enact and manage delegated requirements from the Office of the State Architect, State Buildings Programs
    State Buildings Programs
  • Continue and improve adopted model building code enforcement for the university.
  • Securing building code regulatory compliance for the university.
  • Provide a central location for reference resources.
  • Advising Facilities Management Director, SBP Delegate, Project Managers and Operations on building code analysis, interpretations and code evaluations.
  • Ensure compliance with Industry standards, specifications and regulations required for public safety.
  • Liaison with State approved 3rd party plan review and inspection agencies, Poudre Fire Authority and other state inspection services.


  • Determining the viability of project scope prior to budgeting.
  • Verifying the feasibility of program objectives, strategic plans and fiscal resources.
  • Formulating analysis & judgment within the context of available guidelines.
  • Providing supporting documentation for complex code issues.
  • Implementing OSHA and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) polices.


  • Work with design teams to achieve Code Compliance through design process.
  • Advise on code interpretations, statutory rules, regulations and variances.
  • Detect, expose, document, and communicate problems, of potential code violations during design.

Construction Inspections

  • Administration and performing of multiple trade inspections during construction.
  • Administration and performing of routine code audits for existing buildings for code compliance.
  • Regulate external/internal collaborative problem-solving team activities associated with the construction industry.
  • Work with other code enforcement officials to identify, assess and determine viable solutions to problems.
  • Oversight of code compliance program, inspection records.


  • Communication
  • Formulation and execution of Code policies for the university.
  • Accountable for setting organizational policies and objectives.
  • Maintaining code compliance files on each project.
  • Annual documentation of Agency Action Plan for Code Compliance for SBP Delegate.
  • Ensuring CSU building standards manual reflects current codes.


  • Tracking building audits.
  • Organizational chart
  • Funding