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Oval Years

Oval Years: 1910 - 1950

The oval is a nationally recognized landmark including a notable expanse of collegian green space with delightful American elm trees at the historic heart of the Colorado State University main campus. Several carefully crafted neoclassical academic buildings exhibit a blond brick mix with native cut stone in keeping with traditional buildings of this era. These buildings form the perimeter of the green and include Ammons Hall (currently used as the Welcome Center for Main campus), The Music Building (occupied by The Institute for Learning and Teaching), the Weber Building, the Statistics Building, Occupational Therapy Building, Laurel Hall, and Guggenheim Hall, recently renovated to align with green building standards. The Administration Building is sited on axis and serves as the southern terminus of the Oval.

Highlighted Buildings

Administration Building Ammons Hall Field House Guggenheim The Institute for Learning & Teaching (TILT)