Construction Standards Drawings

A-0.0 Main Campus

A-0.1 South Campus

A-0.2 Foothills Campus


ARDEC Campus

A-0.4 Lactation Room Locations

A-0.5 Commuter_Shower_Locations

A-0.6 Reflection Room Locations

A-1 Fixed Ladder

A-2 Fixed Ladder Cage

A-3 Door Frame

A-6 Security Door Rough

A-7 Lactation Room Signage

A-8 All Gender Restroom Signage

A-9 Break Room Signage


Shower Sign

A-11 Reflection

Room Signage


AED 3 Way Sign


AED Sign

Drop Manhole

E-1 Transformer w/Meter

E-2a.XFMR Pad 75 to 500KVA

E-2b.XFMR Pad 750 to 2500KVA

E-3a.Primary Duct Bank Con 1 E-3b.Primary Duct Bank Con 2

E-4a Second Under Landscape

E-4b Second Under Pavement

E-5 Sample Arc Flash Label

E-6a.15' Light Pole Direct Bury

E-6b.15' Light Pole On Caisson E-7a.30' Light Pole Direct Bury
E-7b.30' Light Pole On Caisson

E-8_10' X 10' VAULT

E-9 XFMR-Switch

L-01 Concrete Paving Details

L-02 Seatwall Double-faced L-03 Flagstone Paving Detail

L-04 Deciduous Planting

L-05 Deciduous Planting Slope

L-06 Evergreen Planting

L-07 Evergreen Planting Slope

L-08 Perennials Groundcover L-09 Shrub on Slope

L-10 Shrub Planting

L-11 Tree Protection

L-12 Isolation Valve HDPE Main

L-13 Isolation Valve 2.5" and less.PDF

L-13 Isolation Valve 3" and larger L-15 Quick Coupler

L-16 Remote Control Valve

L-17 Pop-up Rotor Sprinkler

L-18 Pop-up Spray Sprinkler

L-19 Irrigation Controller

L-20 Irrigation Controller Grounding L-21 Sleeve

L-22 Casing Spacer

L-23 Thrust Block

L-24 Trench

L-25 Inlet Protection

L-26 Silt Fence L-27 Temp Vehicle Tracking Pad

M-01B Steam Main Drip

M-01C Steam Press. Reducing

M-01D Load Press. Reducing

M-01E Condensate Lift

M-02 Water Htr Stand M-03 Fume Hood Exhaust

M-04 Fan Roof Curb

M-05 Fan Housekeeping Pad

M-07 Base Pump Piping

M-08 Inline Pump Piping

M-09 Heat Exchange Piping M-10 Pumped Hot Coil

M-11 VAV Hot Coil

M-12 Chill Water Coil

M-13 Centrifugal Chiller

M-14 Cooling Tower

M-15 Hot Cab Heater M-16 Unit Heater Horizontal

M-17 Chemical Pot Feeder

M-18 Expansion Tank

M-19 Corrosion Test Rack

M-21 Bldg Svc Meter

M-22 Fire Line Entry M-23 Fire Sprinkler Control

M-24 Water Service Sleeve

M-25 Hot Water Generator

M-26 Duplex Sump Pump

M-27 Acid Neutralizing Tank

M-30 Temp Control Air M-31 Process Air Supply
M-32 Cooling Pipe New M-33 Cooling Pipe Retrofit


Sewer Cleanout

Two-Way Traffic

Security Door Rough-in Fan Vibration Parameters Traffic Control