Facilities Focus Newsletter

Facilities Focus is the quarterly newsletter of CSU Facilities Management (FM). Facilities Focus aims to communicate to employees that their work and their sections are valuable to FM and CSU, that what we do is recognized, and holds meaning and impact. The department newsletter covers topics that range from the employee recognition SPARK program, to upcoming events, benefits for CSU employees, and community news. Recurring focuses also include employee safety, trees on campus, quarterly updates on the efforts of our departmental committees, an employee spotlight, and employee milestones, retirements, and new hires. FM employees can view current and past issues of Facilities Focus in English or Spanish on the M Drive or can request a past issue by contacting the newsletter committee.

Facilities Focus Newsletter Committee

Have an idea for an article? Or a one-time announcement to share department-wide? Want to contribute to Facilities Focus on a regular basis? The Newsletter Committee wants volunteers! We would love your involvement and are open to new ideas and feedback. We encourage you to reach out to the committee at fac_news@Mail.colostate.edu if you have interest in participating.

This is an opportunity for employees who are not in standard leadership roles to enact their initiative, to professionally develop in their roles, and to make an impact within and further contribute to the department. The committee encourages involvement and asks for diverse representation from the FM sections. We are happy to meet with you one-on-one to talk about how you can help. Time commitment for newsletter activities is typically 2–6 hours quarterly, dependent on the responsibilities volunteers take on. Participants can commit to one or more newsletter needs.

Volunteers may choose to participate in committee meetings or not, depending on how involved a person would like to be. An outcome of the committee experience is that it introduces employees from different groups to one another, generates cross talk among sections, and strengthens the cohesiveness of FM culture across individual units. Volunteer activities need supervisor approval and they can be recognized in performance evaluations. Email: fac_news@mail.colostate.edu.

Facilities Focus Newsletter Committee Members

Heidi Mechtenberg
Kyle Presnell
Karin Rees, Co-Chair
Susanne Cordery, Co-Chair

Additional Contributors

Mike Broadbent
Jasmine Hatten
Julia Innes
Joan Paulsen
Tim Bland
Ken Vergo
Tom Satterly

For further FM Communications, visit https://www.fm.colostate.edu/fmNews.