Facilities Management Projects

In an ongoing effort to expand the capabilities of university resources while embracing the practice of using environmentally-sound building techniques, the Facilities Management Department at Colorado State University is continually working on a variety of capital improvement projects. Presently, the university is experiencing dramatic growth with regard to such facilities. A breadth of opportunity for positive growth, efficient renovation, and environmental stewardship is provided throughout the entire development process of each project. For a synopsis of some of the recent major projects completed across campus, be sure to visit the Building Success Webpage.

This website provides general information, detailed statistics, green features, images, and other media related to the various projects. The ultimate goal of this information is to familiarize a variety of people, across departments and organizations, with these exciting endeavors towards an environmentally-conscious, sustainable future for all facilities throughout the university campuses for years to come. By working collaboratively across boundaries, Colorado State University shall continue to reinforce its steadfast commitment to treat all facilities in the same manner as it operates as an organization overall - as The Green University.

In addition to the pages throughout this site, be sure to visit the Campus Character website for architectural and design highlights throughout campus.


Capital Construction and Renovation Presentation

This slide-based presentation provides information and associated statistics, funding sources, and additional details for many of the projects showcased throughout this website.

Full List of All Projects

A listing of all projects (completed, in progress, and in planning) organized alphabetically by campus location can be seen by clicking here. Also be sure to check out the Interactive Maps tab at the top for a visual layout view of all projects.