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News updates on Facilities Management.

Board of Governors logo. Board of Governors October 2022 Program Plan

October 2022 Board of Governors meeting program plans and document.

"Proud to Run This! Facilities Management" text over inclusive pride flag Facilities Management JEDI Team

Learn about the Justice Equity Diversity Inclusivity Team at Facilities Management.

FM Employee Study Privilege Information

The Employee Study Privilege is one of the benefits granted to CSU employees. Learn more - click here!

Water drop logo. Drinking Water

Each year CSU and the City of Fort Collins are required to deliver a report on the quality of drinking water provided to their customers. The report for CSU’s water distribution systems with water testing results from 2021 is available here, and the City’s report is available here.

COVID-19 Protocols for Campus Infrastructure

A summary of modifications which have been made to accommodate COVID Protocols.