NWC Health Education Outreach Center

Large Health Center computer rendering.The National Western Center Health Education Outreach Center will be located on Colorado State University’s Main Campus, through construction of an addition to the existing Anatomy Zoology building. The proposed project will add approximately 39,600 gsf of new space that will include student study areas, anatomy computer lab, gross anatomy lab, neuro anatomy lab, office space for an outreach coordinator, support spaces and cooler space. Core and shell space for future National Western Center programs has been identified as an alternate. The estimated cost is $23.3M. The College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has been approved for $1,000,000 in funding from the University Facility Fee Advisory Board, and the remaining $22.3M will be financed by National Western Center COP funds.

CSU’s involvement at the National Western Center (NWC) is a vital component of continued growth in agricultural innovation, creating research and development opportunities, showcasing Colorado’s innovation economy on both the national and international stage, and creating public-private partnerships with major industries to advance STEM disciplines. This facility is a critical piece of a larger strategy to make in-depth science exploration available to diverse students. Students whose interest is sparked by visiting the National Western Center in Denver could have the opportunity to continue their education with a week long “Anatomy Camp” at CSU’s Fort Collins campus. In this way the NWC’s programming and facilities become a pathway for engaging diverse students and exciting their passion for STEM subjects.