Michael Smith Natural Resources Addition

Warner College conceptual computer rendering.The Michael Smith Natural Resources Addition is located on Main Campus. The proposed project will add approximately 37,400gsf of new space for the college, to the south of the existing building. The project will house flipped classrooms, instructional laboratories, a Student Success Center, offices and meeting/collaboration spaces. The project budget is estimated at $20.2M and is funded through donations, Student Facility Fees and University Resources.

At a time of globalization and with the world population surpassing seven billion, there has never been a more important time to strengthen and expand comprehensive programs and facilities to educate the next generation of natural resource and environmental leaders. The world’s vulnerable watershed health; the need for global environmental literacy, sustainable resource management, and energy needs are just some of the complex challenges that are driving a growing demand for well-trained natural resource professionals. The Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University has grown to be internationally recognized as one of the leading natural resource colleges in the nation for its comprehensive education, innovative research and collaborative outreach programs.

As part of CSU’s 2020 planning, Warner College is on track to grow by 30% in the next seven years, and continues to attract and retain outstanding students and world-renowned professors and researchers who are creating solutions for today’s toughest natural resource challenges. The College continues to see increasing enrollment trends, and is continually working to diversify its educational programs and foster innovation through interdisciplinary and community-based collaboration. The College has been dedicated to staying at the forefront of natural resource education, and successfully raised more than $65 million during the CSU Campaign to help fund 42 new scholarships, 5 new chairs, new programs, and infrastructure

Warner College’s students, faculty and staff continue to efficiently use existing facilities to meet education and research needs to the best of their ability. However, these facilities have definite limitations that are obstructing the College’s ability to support students’ learning needs and expand worldwide capacity for natural resource stewardship. The growing student body is in need of collaborative space that inspires discovery, of innovative classrooms that expand learning opportunities, and a common place where they can work together.

The WCNR addition is centered around the needs of the students, from the large auditorium to the teaching labs to the collaboratorium area on the 5th floor. It has been designed to tell the story of Natural Resources, with an emphasis on water in the ecosystem. The building will serve as the focus of community outreach and student engagement, and it will allow the college to grow its reach, enrich education, propel discovery,
and increase its impact on the world.