Board of Governors August 2017 Program Plan

CSU Water Resources Center

The Colorado State University Water Resources Center (WRC) will create a convening place for rural, urban and global water and agricultural interests, taking advantage of a location near the South Platte River in a unique urban context and partnerships within the Denver Metro area. CSU’s involvement at the National Western Center (NWC) is a critical component for continued growth in agricultural, water, health, energy and environmental innovation, creating research and development opportunities, showcasing Colorado’s innovation economy on both the national and international stages, and creating public-private partnerships with major industries to advance STEM disciplines. This project proposes an approximately 152,000 gsf building at the redeveloped National Western Center. A major partner in the project is Denver Water, currently programmed for approximately 68,000 gsf of core and shell space, which they will own and complete as a tenant finish. The Center will host multi-disciplinary, year-round programs that draw tourists, K-12 students, water and food system professionals and researchers, conferences and community members. The estimated total development cost for the Water Resources Center building is $85M-$95M, divided between CSU and Denver Water. The funding for the CSU space ($60-$65M) will be from state authorized Certificates of Participation (COPs) for the National Western Center redevelopment, as approved in HB 15-1344. Denver Water is planning to provide funds for its core and shell space ($25M-$30M), plus the subsequent tenant finish. We anticipate construction of the Water Resources Center will begin in 2019. In the NWC Master Plan and previous WRC program plan, the Water Resources Center location was identified as being along the S. Platte River, along National Western Drive and Bettie Cram Drive. This program plan identifies a new location, approved by CSU and the NWC partners, along Race Court at the north end of the site, and adjacent to CSU’s Equine Sports Medicine and Community Outreach Clinic’s proposed location. This new location should allow CSU and Denver Water to complete design and construction earlier in the NWC project, and will better accommodate CSU and Denver Water’s needs.. Maps and site descriptions in this program plan reflect the new location, but the building conceptual renderings (including references to cardinal directions in the building description) and cost estimate remain the same as the previous program plan. New design concepts will be developed for the new site once detailed design begins.

NWC Land Acquisition 

As an equity partner in the development of the National Western Center, Colorado State University will purchase three plots of land for the development of the Water Resources Center, the Equine Sports Medicine and Community Outreach Clinic and the CSU Center. The land acquisition is valued at $27,725,871, to be funded from state authorized Certificates of Participation (COPs) for the National Western Center redevelopment as approved in HB 15-1344. The City and County of Denver (“Denver”), on behalf of the soon-to-be-formed National Western Center Authority (NWCA), is in the process of acquiring properties and has requested that CSU provide funding to the City and County of Denver or NWCA, if the NWCA is fully established, by April 2018.