CSU Center for Food and Agriculture at the NWC

The CSU Center will provide the facilities needed to provide experiential learning opportunities and impactful research within the areas of food systems, water, energy, the environment, and health, rooted in the rich history and culture of the National Western Center. The CSU Center, envisioned as a 64,000 gsf state-of-the-art facility, will provide K-12 education, interactive learning opportunities for families, and flexible conference and exhibit space. The CSU Center will provide opportunities for families, visitors, and tourists to engage with topics of global importance, and also will be a driver of economic development via research, innovation, and collaboration with industries and institutions. The CSU Center will house the Metropolitan Extension Center and components of the Metropolitan Agricultural Experiment Station, which is part of the state-wide Agricultural Experiment Station network. Labs that offer soil, water, and plant testing to the public and industry also will be part of the CSU Center, providing access to CSU’s expertise in these areas. In addition, the CSU Center will provide space for a variety of activities including events, conferences, business incubation, cooking and nutrition classes, controlled environment agriculture, education via a rooftop greenhouse and research/demonstration plots, and laboratory research, all seeking to drive advancements in the fields of food systems and related disciplines, enhancing the NWC’s role in economic development.