Planning, Design and Construction Services provides administrative management and professional services to facilitate and accomplish new construction, renovation and replacement of the physical facilities and infrastructure of Colorado State University. Services include assistance with review of design/scope of a project, administration and monitor of project budget and schedule to ensure meeting all requirements and timelines, serving as liaison for client and University, along with adherence to all State building codes, policies and procedures.

How to Design/Construct a Project

Every construction project at CSU will have a Project Manager assigned. When you are considering any type of remodel or renovation or new construction, contact Mike Rush at Facilities Management. Facilities personnel will assist you by assigning a Project Manager and notifying the appropriate departments of your request.

Many small projects are completed by the Facilities Management Remodel and Construction Services Group. Examples are a new entrance door, additional power outlets, new carpet, or a wall to divide a room. The last example, a wall to divide a room, may also require design. An existing exit pattern may be altered and therefore, building code requirements must be considered. A new wall may necessitate ductwork modifications for ventilation, relocating lights and new switches and additional power outlets with a new electrical circuit.

Projects and Funding

There are several ways projects can be funded: state funds (including capital construction or controlled maintenance), departmental funds, UFFAB funds, Grants and CSU System Bonds. State funds have been limited in recent years, thus most construction and maintenance is now funded through university cash.


Standards of quality and workmanship and construction are met through adherence to all appropriate building codes and policies in order to provide a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing campus for everyone.

Please see the construction standards page for additional information.

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