Spark Stories at Facilities Management

SPARK Stories

The SPARK program is designed to support a culture that upholds and reflects the core values that define CSU Facilities Management.


The following Facilities Management (FM) employees recently received SPARK awards for demonstrating these values. The Employee Recognition Committee likes sharing these stories because they make us smile and we hope they will make you smile too. More importantly, we recognize that FM employees enact these core values on a daily basis in both small and grand actions. Often a SPARK action is demonstrated in consistently executing routine duties and responsibilities in exemplary fashion. Other times a SPARK action may occur through an above and beyond moment. SPARK encompasses a range of activities in various settings and roles across the university. It manifests regularly among FM employees, and this is one way to acknowledge that fact. We update these stories monthly, so check back next month for more examples of our employees shining through with their best selves. Also look for the stories and more SPARK info posted on the bulletin board in the north entrance of Facilities Management North.

What's a SPARK award and how do you get one? Read more about the SPARK program and how it works here.


"Amanda made signage to inform building occupants of upcoming water outages to OT and GSB that would affect all domestic water in their buildings.  She posted the signs she had made up in building locations that informed customers in advance of the project and how it may affect them, and dates and times of the outages.  Amanda was collaborative and caring in doing this type of notification in our buildings so everyone is informed that uses that location and also knows another plan of action during the water outage.  Often times only the building proctor is notified by Facilities Management and from there the information is disseminated in varying degrees.  Great job!"


"Anthony does a great job of encouraging advancement within his team. He identifies desire and potential in individuals and fosters growth for them. In this way, Anthony acts as a Good Steward for Facilities Management. He also shows Caring for his team by contributing to their success. Anthony demonstrates a Collaborative spirit by cultivating an environment that motivates people and helps them develop effective work habits. Two Custodian Is from his team have been promoted to Leads in less than one year. Strong Custodial Leads benefit the entire department."


"Barry earned this SPARK award for demonstrating our FM core values of being an expert and collaborative as the project manager on the fire sprinkler installation at the Administrative building. The clients extended praise to the AVP of FM, noting the fantastic job performed during the installation of fire sprinklers in the office spaces above their desks and cabinets. Through Barry's diligent direction and planning, our contract partner - Flow Fire, ensured the work was professionally performed after hours with minimal disruption and that spaces were left in a clean manner. Well Done!"


"Cristina took it upon herself to vacuum some areas that she noticed looked like they hadn't been vacuumed in a few days. She did the work and then brought it to my attention. There was a miscommunication and those areas were missed for a few days. I highly appreciate Cristina's attention to detail (expert) and drive to do the work (collaborative) and then communicating to me that there was an issue (stewards)." AND "Cristina offered to help extracting water from a room on a night when we were short staffed and I was able to send her to do it without any additional help, as she is familiar with the machine and process, demonstrating her expertise and willingness to help the team to accomplish our tasks."


"Kurt's involvement and assistance with our P3 partners (Tetrad): 'Kurt is amazing to work with and a real team player' Jordan Berger. Kurt has worked alongside Tetrad and the GC to assist and help in any way he can."


"Juan Garcia requested a SPARK card be issued on his behalf. Juan thanks Joan for her efforts in collaborating with him while he is interim supervisor for his team. She has gone out of her way to show that she is a team player and aligning with our FM Values."

Melvin Gramke

"Melvin has been recommended for a Spark Card by several customers in his building. Melvin shows up every day to work with a smile and a great attitude which shows with his relationships with his customers and the awesome work he puts out. Melvin is Magnificent!"

Thorban Sellers / COLLABORATIVE

"Thorban was nominated by Christina Miller for jumping in and helping a community service person. No one was available and he was able to take care of it even though he typically does not handle these requests."


"For putting together a "baby shower" for Kimberly Bartlett.  Therese put together a lunch for our office to celebrate Kim's soon to be baby girl.  Therese showed caring and collaboration." AND "Therese Offerman volunteered to organize a small office baby shower for Kimberly Bartlett.  It was a huge success!  The luncheon and shower were a wonderful team-building event for the entire RCS office group. I really appreciate the effort Therese took to put this together!" AND "Therese coordinated a baby shower for Kimberly Bartlett, our Interior Designer.  She efficiently made sure all members of RCS were aware, collected money in order to pay for food, and coordinated with the accounting team to provide lemonade, cake, chips, decorations, etc.  Our kitchen was all decked out in pink and everyone enjoyed having lunch together and celebrating Kimberly and her new baby.  Kimberly was extremely appreciative. Therese enjoys coordinating celebratory events and does an amazing job!  Her efforts are very much appreciated.  These type of events create team spirit, builds morale, and reminds us that we are a family."

Sheela Backen / CARING

"Sheela was nominated by Christina Miller for always going out of her way to help. Sheela has a reputation of patience and kindness for anyone who has a question for her!"

Rudina Morales / EXPERT

"Dealing with a difficult community service worker. Rudina worked with a difficult community service worker who was not cooperating with his team or assignment. Rudina handled a difficult situation professionally, which led to his removal from work duties for conduct."

Reggie Vargas

"Reggie got a great email from one of his building proctors, on how good the build looks and how quick he is to respond to any request the building has. We can count on Reggie to be here day in day out with a good attitude and a smile ready to work! Reggie Rocks!"


"An important exhaust fan at Yates went down. A quote from Aaron Stabrava: 'Both CJ and Mike responded within minutes of myself and one other finding that EF-I at Yates was seized and over amping. Those guys tore into the motor like a hurricane and knew the importance of the situation, so they used what they had by using parts from the existing broken motor and an old one that was still in the penthouse to help rebuild the existing broken motor on site and had EF-1 back up and running within hours. Once again I just have to say I was just astonished at both Mike and CJ's superb attitudes and motivation.'"


"Stacey has been working with students to try and get funding for solar panels on the LSC for years.  It has taken much patience as student’s interest has been great, but then they graduate & leave & new students have to start anew.   While related to, this is clearly out of the required part of his job.  Just last night, ASCSU passed a resolution to fund $100K toward this project! This was a multiyear effort & most of us would have given up a long time ago."


"During recent Custodian I interviews, Mari translated questions and answers from English to Spanish and vice versa. She made it possible for native Spanish speakers who are not 100% fluent in English to participate in the interviews. By providing this service, Mari gave everyone a fair chance at the position and demonstrated how we embrace diversity in Facilities." AND "Mary goes above and beyond to demonstrate our core values as a whole but she specifically has sparked a culture on our team of caring for each other. We had a new hire going through the on-boarding process, Mary took the time to help from start to finish and did so with a positive attitude and without complaint. Every question she was asked she responded kindly and with patience. She is a perfect example of the caring core value."

Maria Aguilar

"Our team is down 3 employees at the moment. Maria has taken it upon herself to help out and complete her teammate’s tasks that are on leave. She specifically completed her own tasks in Morgan on 6/4, then called and asked if she could help out by completing the bathrooms for a teammate on vacation. Maria has been working hard at being a really good teammate. This is shown in the fore mentioned comments and I appreciate that she is taking the time to go above and beyond her daily tasks to help the team."


"Loriann is receiving a SPARK award for collaboration with Account staff to correct many, many incorrect PM work orders before new FY work orders are generated. This is in addition to her regular daily workload. Thank you Loriann for your commitment."


"Rita is always willing to lend a helping hand. When team 5 A.M. experienced staffing shortages during the month of April Rita responded quickly and eagerly to help the team complete daily duties. Rita displays our values daily and is a leader within building services."


"Aaron and Landon are currently upgrading the BAS system at FSCN.  They did a fine job in educating the occupants on what the upgrade consisted of and the areas/equipment that were going to be affected.  They were very polite, considerate, and professional while working in occupied areas."


"David came in, in the middle of a storm, to make sure that the campus was cleared of snow. He, along with a few other intrepid souls tackled a large area in miserable weather."


"Ben has volunteered to do other's work each time they are absent. Ben has been stepping up and giving time out of his own area to help others' when they are absent. He is always the first to volunteer and we've had a lot of absences recently."


"Dana was nominated by Christina Miller for his willingness to cover a redemption shift with no notice. He didn't hesitate and jumped in to make sure redemptions went on without a hitch!"

Austin Johnson

"Without being asked Austin did Guggenheim on his when a co-worker was gone. He is also the first one to volunteer when we are shorthanded. Austin Is Awesome!"

Blanca Duran

"Blanca made sure all the work in her building was done then went over to help out in another when we were shorthanded. She had a great attitude the whole time which kept everyone else smiling."

Brad Hestdalen

"Brad is a go-to guy for Team 2pm in the past months we have been able to count on brad for Building Floods Floor work and Teaching co-workers how to handle such problems. Brad Is Bad To The Bone!"


"We had to repair two of the time clocks the department owns, but could not find the information on who the vendor was or any of the paperwork.  Darlene grab on to the issue, talked to people and collected the needed information to get everything straightened out for us.  Without Darlene we would probably still be trying to find the correct information and who to talk to."

Jeanette Nicodemus / EXPERT - CARING - PROGRESSIVE

"I needed information about the cellphones in the department for the Computer Services budget.  Jeanette was able to find a way to provide me the information that saved me time in processing the information for the budget!"