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Green is Gold Campaign

The Green is Gold program started about eight years ago when natural gas prices began to soar. It was a campus-wide campaign to save energy and help the university control costs. CSU is reviving this program to increase awareness about and participation in the University's sustainability practices. Efforts will include an online tool to access each building's energy and water usage. Students, faculty, and staff will be encouraged to use this information as well as tips on the sustainability website to conserve water and energy.

Are you doing your part to conserve? Please call 970-491-0099 for more information about the Green is Gold campaign. To see the current teams, and to download the associated score sheets, visit the Green University's Green is Gold page.

Annual Utility Costs for Each Building


Total Cost of All Utilities: $ {total_cost} per year

Electricity Use: {electricity_use} kWh/year *

Natural Gas Use: {natural_gas_use} Dth/year *

Water Use: {water_use} kgal/year *

Steam Use: {steam_use} klbs/year *

Note: if a building is displayed with zero usage for a particular utility, it does not necessarily mean the building does not use that utility. The utility in question may just not be metered at that individual facility.