Integrated Waste Management

RecycleMania at CSU

In addition to the information described below, please refer to the Facilities Management Recycling & Integrated Solid Waste page for further details about the ISW services & team.

In FY08, Colorado State landfilled 49% of all waste, meaning over 50% was recycled. Other recent notable accomplishments include successful "near zero-waste" events and recognition as the 2008 Outstanding Government Recycling/Waste Diversion Program by the Colorado Association for Recycling, or CAFR.

CAFR Awards

Integrated Solid Waste Program Wins CAFR Award

The Colorado Association for Recycling, or CAFR, has awarded Facilities Management's Integrated Solid Waste Program the Outstanding Government Recycling/Waste Diversion Program Award.

Recycling at Colorado State began a few decades ago, but has made tremendous progress since receiving a grant in 1990. The waste collection and disposal processes were overhauled to allow for efficient collection, and recycling bins can now be found nearly everywhere on campus. Currently, CSU landfills about 44.9% of solid waste, with the existing recycling program diverting the other 55.1%. Those figures do not include the (literal) tons of items collected through the Leave-It Behind and Surplus Property programs that are recycled, donated to local charities, or sold for reuse to the local community.

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Each year, Colorado State University participates in the national RecycleMania competition. For historical results and figures, refer to the Reports & Campus statistics page.

President's Picnic 2008

Near Zero-Waste Events a Huge Success

The award-winning Facilities Integrated Solid Waste team diverted thousands of pounds of trash during two near zero-waste events, all in one week's work.

The first Rams home football game, Ag Day, includes a barbeque and thousands of fans. Typically, this event generates 45 yards of trash that is sent to the landfill. But this year, dumpsters were manned by volunteers to separate the trash from the cardboard and compostables. The result – over 41 yards of compostables, cardboard and other materials were collected, while just 4 yards of trash were sent to the landfill.

The President's 2008 Fall Address and Picnic was also a green event. Waste from the 3,223 meals served at the picnic was sorted at several stations into recycle, compost and trash bins. When the event was over, Facilities collected 10 yards (9,110 lbs) of compostable items, 4 yards (808 lbs) of recyclable items and just 2 yards (600 lbs) of trash (shrink wrap, food containers, and condiment packets). The 2007 Fall Address, another green event, totaled 4 yards of trash. In 2006, before the picnic went green, 60 yards of trash were collected.

Cardboard Corral

Residence Hall Move-in

Each year that new residents move into the halls means a lot of empty cardboard boxes. In the most recent residence hall move-in, due to the set-up of "cardboard corrals" throughout campus, 22.8 tons of cardboard were recycled in just a five-day period.


Leave-it Behind Program - Includes Bikes

In an effort to divert solid waste from our landfills, unwanted items are collected by the Integrated Solid Waste Department during residence hall move out. Items collected include food, clothing, shoes, towels, dishes, lamps, desks, couches, coffee pots, plants, and more. The items are then redistributed to meet the needs of the Fort Collins community.

Visit the RamWheels site for additional information.

Surplus Property

Surplus Property handles, disposes, and redistributes all property that the University no longer needs. The main objective is to provide an opportunity for the reallocation of still-usable items from one area of the University to others areas that have a need for them. In addition, items no longer needed by the University are offered to the public through weekly walk-in sales, quarterly public auctions, or recycling of items that no longer have a market value.

Surplus Property is open to the public and University departments Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Colorado State University Surplus Property
201 W. Lake Street
Fort Collins, CO 80523