Industry Day

CSU received overwhelming interest in Industry Day and we extend our thanks to industry for their participation and support. 

All presentation materials are posted HERE. (Q&A responses will be posted by August 31, 2018).  

Event Feedback: 

Please use the feedback form below to provide feedback regarding the event. 


Response Submission

Responses for open solicitations which require electronic submission shall be submitted using the Response Submission page. Submissions shall be less than 80MB and submitted as (types of PDF). Project specific requirements for response submission are included within each solicitation. Electronic submission may be used in addition to physical submission when physical submission is required but shall not replace the requirement for physical submission. NOTE: To ensure compatibility please ensure that PDF files are created in Acrobat 6.0 format.

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File Upload
Files must be less than 80 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
Files must be less than 80 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

Construction Procurement

Colorado State University administers all Construction Procurements according to the policies and procedures provided by the State of Colorado Office of the State Architect. The processes include solicitation of all professional design and construction services. For details please review the Office of the State Architect State Buildings website.

Active Solicitations:

Addenda will be posted to Newforma at the project links below.

Request for Clarification

Questions and Requests for Clarification for all open solicitations shall be submitted using this Requests for Clarification Submission page. All submissions shall include a completed Requests for Clarification form uploaded as an Excel document. Project specific guidelines are included within each solicitation. Generic form for submission included HERE: MS Excel Document (XLS).

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Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: xls xlsx.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: xls xlsx.

SPARK - FM Employee Recognition Program

Spark Logo

SPARK Program

The Facilities Management Employee Recognition Committee has developed a program for recognition and appreciation of Facilities Management employees. This program is designed to recognize employees who uphold and demonstrate the core values that define Facilities Management.

Our core values are:

We Are Caring
We Are Collaborative
We Are Experts
We Are Good Stewards
We Are Progressive

Physical Development Committee (PDC)


The Physical Development Committee (PDC) is a representative body of the University. The committee, in conjunction with the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management, acts as an advisory body to the University through the Vice President of University Operations. The committee is primarily tactical in perspective, concerned with the physical environment of Colorado State University's campuses, where function, aesthetic quality, and physical character intermix to create a desirable and inspirational atmosphere for students and employees.

Grounds, Facilities Management

General Grounds Maintenance

Shrub Bed Maintenance

OSG zone crews care for the perennial beds, in terms of mulching and pruning. They do manual removal of weeds, spot spraying, and pre-emergent application to beds. They provide rejuvenations of shrubs and ornamental grasses. They participate in the renovations of shrub beds by identifying the decline of beds, helping with the install of new plants, and recommending replacements and removals of shrubs.


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