JEDI Team Name Change

FM Weekly Communication January 26, 2021 - Issue 96

With the launch of the new year, the FM Diversity Team met to reflect on our purpose and vision for 2021 and beyond. We discussed the growth and prioritization of our goals, and voted to change our name to the FM Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Team—or JEDI Team for short. We feel that this better encompasses the charge of our group and aligns with the CSU Principles of Community.

Time Clock Plus Changes

FM Weekly Communication January 19, 2021 - Issue 95

Effective February 1, 2021, all non-exempt (overtime eligible) Facilities Management employees who physically report to work will use the time clock device, which allows for easy and accurate reporting of hours worked, break and meal periods, and time worked over 40 hours in a work week. Non-exempt employees who are working remotely will use the Time Clock Plus remote clock in/out feature. Please see attached instructions.

Wayfinding & Lory Trail Expansion

FM Weekly Communication December 28, 2020 - Issue 92

Greetings FM Team,

With the end of the year upon us, I want to call out the completion of two successful small projects of 2020 that have meaningful impact on the CSU community. These emphasize the progressive thought, expertise, and collaboration that drive FM to provide safe and healthy spaces for CSU.

November FM New Hires

FM Weekly Communication December 07, 2020 - Issue 89

In November Robert Ortiz joined District Energy within Utilities, part of the FM Operations section. He is one of the Utility Plant Operators who operates and maintains the District Heating and Cooling plants on main campus. He helps provide heat and cooling to many buildings on main campus.

Toys for Tots

FM Weekly Communication December 04, 2020 - Issue 88

CSU Toys for Tots Toy Drive

In 2017, a Toys for Tots campaign began at CSU.   Many of you may have noticed the Toys for Tots boxes around campus, including in FM North and the RCS office.  Over the past three years, CSU has donated over 2,650 toys to the Fort Collins Toys for Tots campaign.


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