Weber Breakroom Remodel

FM Weekly Communication November 12, 2020 - Issue 84

Hello Facilities Management Team,

Anyone who has spent time on campus is no stranger to navigating building remodels, traffic pattern updates and campus construction. Colorado State University and CSU Facilities Management is committed to providing top-of-the-line learning, teaching, and research facilities that boast high environmental standards and certification nationally. Today, however, I would like to share an update about a campus upgrade that is specific to FM, namely our custodial staff.

PreventX 24/7

FM Weekly Communication October 27, 2020 - Issue 82

Hello Facilities Management Team,

All around campus, you have seen creative adaptations and problem-solving solutions that evolved with our new reality as we deal daily with a global pandemic. There have been changes to building capacity and traffic flow, Plexiglas barriers sprouted in offices overnight, sanitation stations have taken home in buildings and those of us on campus track our symptoms and temperatures. These changes and more are CSU’s effort to keep our Ram and local community safe.

Firefighting Efforts

FM Weekly Communication October 14, 2020 - Issue 80

Greetings Facilities Team, 

As summer moves on and fall settles in, bringing cooler weather with it, Coloradoans must still remain vigilant about dry and windy conditions in our beautiful state. Colorado is no stranger to drought and fire conditions and this year’s fire season is no different. This was made all the more real when the City of Fort Collins enacted an outdoor watering ban, effective October 1. 


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