Interior spaces are vital to the functions of the University. Information associated with our buildings is gathered by our team utilizing traditional and advanced methods to ensure floorplans and the information within are accurate. The data collected is incorporated into an as-built floorplan that is utilized by Emergency Response Teams, Environmental Health and Safety, Architects, Designers, Project Managers, etc. Drawing Management is also responsible for maintaining electronic archives (Record Documents) of past projects to assist with the daily maintenance of the University. The archives include but are not limited to, record drawings, operation & maintenance records, warranties, and specifications.

  • Drawing Management updates and maintains AutoCAD floor plans for all university owned properties. For leased property please contact STRATA
  • As a part of our campus safety plan, we do not under any circumstance distribute any housing related documents to students. Please contact Housing and Dining Services if you have any question.

NOTE: The following documents are provided to you for research, educational and professional purposes only. Do not distribute, reproduce, or transfer to other persons / parties outside of your department or Colorado State University without prior written consent from Facilities Management at Colorado State University.


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