Contacting the Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center can be reached at 970-491-0077 or emailed at When calling, please provide your name, building, room number, phone extension, and a brief description of your service needs.  All emergency requests will be radio-dispatched. All other requests will be scheduled.

Hours of Operation

Office hours for the Customer Service Desk are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the Summer), Monday through Friday.

Available Services

The Customer Services Center handles or forwards requests for:

  • Emergency Maintenance Requests
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Utility Shutdowns
  • Unscheduled Outages
  • Street Closures
  • Utility Locates

We also handle small projects/remodels and capital construction or addition requests. Refer to the Construction and Planning section of this Web site for more information.

Whenever possible, the building proctor should be contacted to request service from Facilities Management. To identify your building proctor, please use the online building proctor identifier or call 970-491-0099.

The staff at the Customer Services Center Desk will prepare the necessary internal work orders and expedite the request. The caller will be given a work order number. In the event you might call back to the Customer Services Center Desk regarding the status of your request, the work order number will help us serve you quickly and accurately.

How Work Is Scheduled

Facilities Management’s first priority is the maintenance of CSU’s facilities and grounds. Facilities Management makes every attempt to schedule work so that it can be completed when needed without disrupting any CSU activities. Often, larger projects must be scheduled during a break period, such as in the spring, winter, or summer, when the location for the work is most accessible

Emergency Maintenance Requests

This work is scheduled as soon as possible after it is requested. This maintenance work if delayed, would cause or perpetuate a safety hazard, or disrupt the activities of CSU faculty, staff, and students. Emergency Dispatch requests takes priority over all other Facilities Management work.

Maintenance Requests

These requests include those problems that can cause escalating damage to University facilities and property if not attended to quickly. The Service Desk, responding to Facilities Management Managers and the customers’ input determine the urgency of the request.

Utility Shutdowns

Utility interruptions will be scheduled with as much advance notice as possible to minimize disruptions. Building Proctors must act as liaison between building occupants and Facilities Management to schedule the most appropriate date and time for utility interruptions to occur. Once a utility outage is scheduled, Facilities Management will send out utility interruption notices. Building Proctors must notify building occupants of the scheduled interruption and identify areas that will need to be provided with backup utilities.

Unscheduled Outages

All affected Departments, Schools, and University Agencies will be notified of unscheduled and emergency shut downs or utility interruptions. The University receives its utilities from outside sources and none of these utility systems are 100% reliable. These systems are subject to problems created by weather, human error, animals, vandals, etc. Building Proctors may be asked, in case of an unscheduled outage or other problem, to check the condition of the building.

Utility Locates

Many of the utility services at the University are buried. DO NOT excavate, dig or sink stakes of any kind anywhere on campus without first having the utilities located. This service is available at no charge from Facilities Management. Utility locates can be arranged by contacting UNCC (Utility Notification Center of Colorado) at 1-800-922-1987, as required by law.