Hours of Operation

The Key Desk is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the Summer), Monday through Friday.

Contact Information

The Key Desk can be reached during normal hours of operation at 970-491-0099.

Requesting Keys

Requesting keys for faculty, staff and students requires a Ramworks Key Request. Requests for great grandmaster keys will require approval of the Facilities Management Director.


There is no deposit by Facilities Management. However, some departments may have established internal access or key control requirements. Facilities Management Director has the authority to review any special requirements before proceeding and retains the right to refuse to issue a key if the guidelines are not met.

Pick Up

The departmental key manager will be contacted when the key is ready. Keys may be picked up at the northeast entrance to Facilities Services Center North located on the corner of Pitkin Street and Mason Street. The issuant will be required to show valid photo identification and to sign an agreement stating they will be responsible for their key(s).

Duplicate Keys

Multiple copies of the same key will not be issued to individuals or departments without explicit permission of the department head and Facilities Management Key Desk. Reproduction or copying of University keys is prohibited.

Lock Change Request

Before a lock change is initiated, a thorough review of the area affected is performed. Requests for lock changes are reviewed with the requesting party and Department Head before the change is made. This is done to avoid compromising anyone else who may need access to the area. In certain cases of security, a special series lock can be installed. These requests are limited and must have the approval of the Vice President of Administrative Services before proceeding. When a lock change is necessary, the request must be made to the Facilities Management Lock Shop. A University IMO, complete with current account number and the department head’s signature, must accompany the request. Key request forms for the individuals affected by the re-key must be submitted to the Key Desk. NOTE: All lock changes are subject to refusal when the change impacts access by maintenance, security or environmental health personnel.

Returning Keys

Individuals leaving the University or transferring to another department must return their keys. Some department key managers require keys to be returned to them. The individual may request a receipt detailing the keys that were returned directly to Facilities Management Key Desk. Facilities Management notifies the department when keys are issued or returned. NOTE: All keys remain the property of Colorado State University. Failure to return keys may result in legal action.

Lost/Stolen Keys

The Key Desk and the appropriate department head must be notified when an employee has lost their keys or if they have been stolen. The keyholder must complete a CSUPD Lost Key report at the Facilities Management Key Desk. Department Key Managers are responsible for ordering replacement keys. Charges could be imposed if re-keying is required.

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