Colorado State University Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Standards


The CSU Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Standards are maintained by Facilities Management of Colorado State University to assist and guide architects/engineers/designers. The documents provide criteria for designs leading to construction.


The CSU Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Standards provide criteria to architects/engineers/designers as they complete project designs. As a contractor for Colorado State University, your primary responsibility is to adhere to the project specifications, drawings, and contract documents. The Standards are the basis of and supplementary to the specifications/drawings. Note: Substitutions for standard items noted in the Standards must have prior approval by the architect/engineer/designer and Colorado State University.

Construction Standards Updates

The Standards are updated at various times throughout the year. Please refer to the Revision Log in Part 1 - General Standards. The revision date is noted in the footer of the document. Architects, engineers, and contractors should download and/or print copies of current Standards to minimize design and construction conflicts if a new standard is issued in the middle of a project.

Part I - General Standards

Part II - Design Standards

Part III - Technical Standards (by CSI Division)

Part IV - Regulatory Requirements

Additional Documents