EMERGENCY CLOSURE of Biology Building’s northwest entry Jan. 27 through Feb. 1

This entrance will be closed at 5 pm Jan. 27 until the afternoon of Feb. 1. This is due to the forecasted cold temperatures during this period potentially impacting the heating system of this entry. All automatic door operators will be disabled during this closure. Emergency egress out of this entrance is still available.

The closest accessible building entrance is the northeast entrance. All other building entrances will also remain open.

For more information, contact Facilities project manager Blake Miner at (970) 305-2801

Sidewalk closure around Westfall Oct. 3 through summer 2024

Sidewalks surrounding Westfall and some adjacent to the Westfall parking lot will be closed during this time. Westfall will be under construction, including a window replacement project. Sidewalks to the north, east and south of Westfall will remain open as a detour route for pedestrians and bicyclists. Click on the map below for the closed areas and detour routes.

For more information, contact Facilities Management project manager Zack Kulbeck at (970) 556-1787


The Westfall building is completely closed during construction. The sidewalk west of Westfall adjacent to the parking lot is also closed.