Master Plan Committee Overview


This committee exists to review and provide input to the overall physical planning effort. The committee sees updates of Master Planning efforts for all facets (parking, transportation, storm water management, new buildings, etc.) of the overall Campus Master Plan, which is submitted to the Colorado Commission of Higher Education (CCHE) on a 10 year cycle. The committee evaluates and recommends capital construction requests from University Advancement, Council of Deans, and other sources. The internal Facilities Management Design Review Committee will provide informational updates to the Master Plan Committee.


Act as an advisory body to the University through the Vice President for University Operations on the physical development of the total environment of Colorado State University’s campuses by development, revision, and application of the University’s facilities master plan. The Master Plan Committee will offer input on campus growth through strategic input in support of the University Vision and Campus Experience within the campus framework.

Provides Recommendations for

  • Campus Master Plan & Framework
  • Land Acquisition & Resources
  • Open Space
  • View Corridors
  • Stormwater Management
  • Floodplain
  • New Building Proposals
  • Building Siting/Orientation
  • Setbacks and Build-to Lines
  • Removal of Buildings/Structures
  • Transit
  • Transportation
  • Roads & Access
  • Parking
  • Program Planning
  • Sidewalks/Bikeways
  • Service Areas


MPC quorum is one more than half the voting members (or their designated representative) present to vote during a meeting.

Voting members

Tamara Alexander – CSU STRATA
Tom Biedscheid – Office of Vice President for Enrollment and Access
Dave Bradford – Parking and Transportation Services
Steve Cottingham – Athletics
Santiago Di Pietro – Deans Representative
Virginia Fanning – Office of Vice President for University Advancement
Cody Frye – Campus Recreation
Blanche Hughes – Vice President for Student Affairs
Brendan Hanlon – Vice President for University Operations
Jan Nerger – Interim Provost
Christa Johnson – Office of Vice President for Research
Tom Satterly – Facilities Management
Emily Seems – MarComm Executive Leadership Team Representative
Mari Strombom – Housing and Dining Services


Advises as a result of roles and expertise, but non-voting

Shelly Carroll – Capital Development Approval Manager, Facilities Management
Dell Rae Ciaravola – Risk & Public Safety
Gargi Duttgupta – Assistant Director for Facilities Management & Campus Planner (Meeting Facilitator)
Ashraf Fouad – Assistant Director for Engineering and Capital Construction, Facilities Management
David Hansen – University Landscape Architect, Facilities Management
Julia Innes – Facilities Management Program Assistant for the committee
Jessica Kramer – Environmental Graphic Designer & Landscape Architect, Facilities Management
Mike Rush – University Architect & Chief Building Official, Facilities Management

2024 Master Plan Update

The University’s Physical Master Plan update, culminating in 2024, will align with the current Academic Master Plan update. The most recent master plan realized the investment of nearly $1.6 billion in buildings and infrastructure and an increase of nearly 3.4 million gross square feet. The current physical master plan will require the update of several secondary component plans, helping to inform growth plans and needs of the future. The following draft timeline suggests how this update may be implemented in the next 2 years. Click on the image to enlarge it for viewing.

Draft of timeline for master plan update

Master Plan Resources

The master plan provides the framework for design and serves as a working document that is updated every 10 years. The next update is in 2024.

The CSU Physical Master Plan “Foundation for a New Century” provides the basis for individual long-range plans and sub-plans. Long range plans include campus circulation, transit, building revitalization, landscape and gardens, utilities, and land acquisition. The sub-plans include outdoor lighting and safety, signage, drainage, art in public places, ADA Transition Plan, plaza improvements, and plans for outlying campuses.

Since master planning is a process, the University continues to review, challenge, and update the plan to meet needs as they change. Thus, “Foundation for a New Century” is based on evolving demographics of the University and not specific time frames.

Access the 2014 Master Plan.

CSU Parking and Transportation Master Plan Study 
This study of parking and transportation needs, based on various scenarios for future growth of the university, includes recommendations made by a consultant that are currently being considered.

Review the Master Plan & Process Presentation – Fall 2019 to learn more.

Capital Design & Construction

MPC Approval Process and Instructions – Review the process for adding new facilities and major building additions on our campuses (image on the right). For more information, contact Shelly Carroll, Capital Construction Approvals Manager at 970-491-0167

MPC Review Form – Capital Construction

Master Plan Committee Meetings

The Master Plan Committee meets the fourth Monday of every month from 1:00–2:30 p.m. in the Lory Student Center. These are in person meetings.