Frequently Asked Questions & Common Terms

What is the difference between a Budget Opinion and Quote?

  • A budget opinion serves as a tool to assign a rough order of magnitude budget cost to the project during the conceptual planning phase.  As construction documents are completed, RCS will be able to provide a Quote to the customer which will be the official cost breakdown of the construction and project costs.

What is a Change Order?

  • A change order is work that is added to or deleted from the original scope of work of a contract, however, depending on the magnitude of the change, it may or may not alter the original contract amount and/or completion date.

What is a Submittal?

  • Shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data. Submittals are required primarily for the design and engineering team to verify that the correct products will be installed on the project.

How do I transfer funds for job payment? How much do I transfer?

  • Please follow directions at the bottom the project Budget Opinion or Quote which will indicate in RED the total amount of funds to be transferred.
    • Our Fixed Cost quotes that we provide to our customers state either Remodel Services or Construction Services at the top of the quote.
    • In the FROM line with your customer fund use Object Code 9905
    • In the TO line use fund 7741480 Object Code 9904
  • FOR ALL OTHER FACILITIES MANAGEMENT WORK – Please continue to submit a Work Order Authorization (WOA) in Kuali.
  • If you have questions, please call:
    • WOA Submission & Transfer of Funds Submission – Kim Pearsons, 970-491-0552.

Single Trade vs. a project?

  • A project will consist of multiple trades in order to complete the scope of work. For example, a project may include coordination between electrical, plumbing, mechanical, paint and drywall trades.
  • A single trade request would have limited scope relevant to one trade only. Examples of a single trade could include, adding an electrical outlet, upgrading a sink, or painting an office space.

Can I perform my own work, even if it is paint?

  • Unfortunately, no. All work in University buildings must be registered and performed through the Remodel and Construction Services department.  Please see Construction Approval Policy for more information.

What is Code Compliance?

  • All projects and construction documents must adhere to building code compliance through our University building department. More information about our adherence to the code standards in place across the university can be found at

Remodel Services fees are based on R.S. Means as well as Typical Construction Industry Standards and practices.

  • Project Management Fees:  Cover Project Management and Coordination, Field Supervision/Construction Management, Accounting, Staff support.
    • Projects up to $500,000 – Project Management fee of 10%
    • Projects $500,001- $1,000,000 – Project Management fee of 7.5%
    • Projects $1,000,001 – $1,500,000 – Project Management fee of 5% 
    • Projects over $1,500,001 – Project Management fee of 3%
  • Contingency–  
    • 10% on every project.  Unused is returned.
  • Design Fees: Cover Architectural, Engineering, Drafting, Interior design, Code Review(internal), as built/record documentation, consultation, and compliance with CSU Standards and International Building Codes as adopted by the State of CO.
  • A: Basic Drafting- 2% 
    • Paint/Carpet or similar projects- minimum design need. All drawings need to be recorded and managed internally during and upon closing of project.
  • B: Design services using In-House Architect, Engineers, Designers/Drafters – 8%(default/typical)
  • C:  Projects requiring outside A/E services- 11%    projects requiring mechanical/electrical or other outside design service components.  As-needed contracts and OSA professional services procurement rules apply.

In many cases, vendor design pricing exceeds 11% of project cost and will be added as a line item instead with 2% design fees to cover record documents and other internal design time to support.  Design fees are subject to complexity and will need to be determined on a case by case basis with Project Manager in extreme cases.

  • Third Party Code Review Fees: 

Assessed by State Contractual pricing w/Code Review vendor(s)- $600 base fee + incremental increase over $100K project value.  These are either not collected or returned if Internal/FM code review is leveraged.  Complexity, risk management, and bandwidth drive need for 3rd party code review.

Other questions, comments or concerns?

  • For questions and concerns about the Remodel & Construction Services Section, please contact Dan Kozlowski.