To create a safer campus environment for all users, the Service Cart Policy (#5-6030-013) defines necessary service cart requirements for campus, including permissible areas of operation, requirements affected by hours of operation, authorized routes, parking restrictions, how to report accidents, and basic vehicle operations. The policy was created over a period of years, and received extensive feedback during its development from several CSU departments and auxiliary organizations. The intent of the policy is to:

  • To establish proper safety procedures and practices for use, and departmental responsibilities.
  • To set a procurement policy and develop a standard set of specifications for vehicles.
  • To set clear expectations for total cost of ownership (i.e. charging, parking, enclosures, and maintenance).
  • To promote and provide a safer environment for students, employees, and visitors.
  • To encourage more sustainable transportation on campus.
  • To provide background information about the purpose of service cart use.

This policy affects anyone who uses or wishes to use service carts on campus. Departments are responsible for providing proper cart identification. Registration of all vehicles is required, and is managed and issued through Transportation Services. Departments are also responsible for making sure operators complete a brief online training and quiz (below) before driving a service cart. Departments will be charged with responsibilities for enforcing the policy with respect to their authorized operators. Each operator must undertsand and agree to this policy, indicating that they will abide by the policies. The policy is located on the Office of Policy and Compliance website – read the full policy.

Service Cart Training

Review the training now!

Service Cart Quiz

A passing score is 83% or higher (15 or more out of 18 correct on the quiz portion). You may retake the quiz if you do not pass.

Please note: Before you are approved to operate a service cart on campus, you are responsible for emailing or printing the results of your quiz and providing them to your department or to the CSU organization that is hosting your visit at CSU. They will keep this documentation on file.

If you have a CSU email address, you can take the quiz online now.

Don’t have a CSU email address? You can download a PDF of the quiz. Take the quiz and return it to the CSU organization that is hosting your visit at CSU. If you are using this PDF version instead of taking the online quiz, the hosting organization/department will let you know if you’ve passed and are approved to drive service carts on campus.