SPARK Stories

The SPARK Recognition Program is designed to support a culture that upholds and reflects the core values that define CSU Facilities Management.


The following FM employees are examples of their received SPARK Awards for demonstrating our FM Core Values. The Engagement & Recognition Committee likes sharing these stories because they make us smile and we hope they will make you smile too. More importantly, we recognize that FM employees enact these core values on a daily basis in both small and grand actions. Often a SPARK action is demonstrated in consistently executing routine duties and responsibilities in exemplary fashion. Other times a SPARK action may occur through an above and beyond moment. SPARK encompasses a range of activities in various settings and roles across the university. It manifests regularly among FM employees, and this is one way to acknowledge that fact. 

What’s a SPARK award and how do you get one? Read more about the SPARK program and how it works here.

Dave Metcalf
Expert, Collaborative

Dave, teaming up with others in the shop, made a quick and effective repair to curtains at UCA without any knowledge of the curtains and how they operate.

Tammy Newberry
Expert, Caring, Good Steward

Tammy completed a mound of laundry on a day when the morning shift didn’t have a chance to get to it and have enough time to pull trash in Yates Hall. Thank you Tammy, you are truly an amazing employee!

Casey Kennedy
Expert, Caring, Good Steward, Collaborative

Casey, volunteered to help the ISW crew to deliver over 200 bins for Football tailgates and events. The ISW crew could not have done everything that was asked of us without the volunteers helping the crew with deliveries.

Jaime Soto
Expert, Collaborative

Jaime has been rewarded this spark award for his exceptional work with the athletic department, he stays on top of all the pools and tubs and is currently helping us get through a pretty big repair with the main re-circulation pump for the Moby pool.

.Jaime continues to go above and beyond his expected daily task along with always showing expert professionalism whenever he deals with customers.

Gib Morgan
Expert, Caring, Good Steward, Progressive, Collaborative

There was a flood in a hard to reach spot in the basement of Green Hall that Gib assisted me in cleaning up.  I appreciated that he was willing to step out from his regular routine and have a positive attitude while helping me.

Sam Foy
Expert, Progressive, Collaborative

Sam partook in a collaborative and effective repair of a backstage curtain at UCA that he had no prior experience of said curtain and how it works.

Joan Paulsen
Caring, Good Steward, Collaborative

Joan stepped up and helped out me and my team while we have been short staffed. She offered to take an entire building off our plate to help my team focus on other areas.

Monica Roth
Expert, Caring, Collaborative

Monica Roth recently helped me with a couple different work orders, and it was such a relief to benefit from her expertise. While she is definitely an expert, the core values that stood out for me were her caring and collaborative approach. It was evident she was very busy, yet she took time to come to my desk and help myself and another coworker complete the accounting setup on a work order. Monica is kind and knowledgeable; she is a true asset to Facilities Management.

Samuel Gonzalez
Caring, Collaborative

Sam is charge of ARDEC has made an effort to make the building clean and has received very good comments from customers.

William Wampler
Expert, Caring, Collaborative
Will Wampler has been working with a great attitude even though the RBC Shop has been understaffed.  Will has been essential in keeping RBC equipment running and functioning properly and keeping customers happy.

Will is always willing to help our SASA shop with troubleshooting steam issues.

Zach Dietrich
Expert, Caring, Collaborative

Zach helped to create and craft 6 survey boxes for the department in support of the Campus Climate Survey.  He did it in a short amount of time, delivered them to FM and the placed the boxes in the locations so employee would have access to drop off their surveys upon completion.

Jessica Julch
Expert, Good Steward, Collaborative

Jessica is very flexible and able to adjust her schedule to help her teammates and cover for them when they are out. Her willingness to pick up and shuffle around task is greatly appreciated!

Ben Spransy
Caring, Collaborative

Ben Spransy has been working with a great attitude even though the RBC Shop has been understaffed.  Ben has been essential in keeping RBC equipment running and functioning properly and keeping customers happy.

CJ Entner

I just spoke to the outside contractor who told me that CJ and the team were excellent to work with they helped him pick the containers and set the containers he said they did not just stand around and let him do all the work