Code Administration Program

The Department of Personnel and Administration (DPA)/State Buildings Programs (SBP) is responsible as per Colorado Revised Statue 24-301303 for establishing minimum building codes for all construction by state agencies on state-owned or state lease-purchased properties or facilities. The intent of the SBP code compliance policy is to coordinate the efforts of state personnel responsible for managing construction projects, in order to ensure compliance with approved building codes and standards, by establishing standardized methods to review construction documents and inspect buildings under construction. Colorado State University has been granted full delegate authority for enforcement of all State Buildings Programs establishes building code policies and procedures. Mike Rush is the State Buildings Program Delegate at the University and Facilities Management has established a Building Department to manage building code compliance for the University.

CSU Facilities Management Building Department

Mike Rush AIA, CBO
State Buildings Delegate, Chief Building Official

Becca Mueller, ICC Certified Plans Examiner and Permit Technician
Plans Examiner, Permit Technician, Inspection Manager

Russ Johnson
Electrical Inspector
State of Colorado Licensed Master Electrician, ICC Certified Commercial Electrical Inspector

Building Inspection Request
To request an inspection from the CSU Building Department click the link above.
You will need the Project number and Permit number to submit a request, call 970-567-6413.

Codes, Regulations, and Standards

A current list of the State Buildings Programs approved and adopted building codes can be found at: State Buildings Programs 

CSU Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Standards can be found at: CSU Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Standards 

CSU has other requirements for accreditation or funding also see:

  • Animal facilities – AAALAC Standards (Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, Intl)
  • Biosafety level – NIH and CDC guidelines appearing in “Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories” 3rd edition.
  • Radiation – State of Colorado Radiation Rules and Regulations.

Asbestos abatement at CSU is managed by Environmental Health Services and regulated by the Department of Public Health and Environment. The link below will take you to EHS web site for the CSU asbestos program. CSU Asbestos Program The link below will take you to the Department of Public Health and Environments asbestos page with a link to Colorado Regulation 8. Colorado Regulation 8

DORA Licensed Plumbers and Electricians

CSU Building Department Inspectors and authorized inspection agents are required by C.R.S. to verify that all plumbers, electricians and their apprentices are licensed by the State of Colorado D.O.R.A. All electricians, plumbers and apprentices are required to provide their state issued license to CSU inspectors or authorized inspecting agent upon request. If proof cannot be given at the time of the request the electrician, plumber or apprentice will not be allowed to stay on the job site until the license is provided to the inspector. These inspections are done randomly and can be at anytime during a project. The electricians, plumbers and apprentices are required to have their licenses with them or readily available at all times.


FM Building Department Responsibilities 

CSU Code Compliance Process