Grounds, Facilities Management

General Grounds Maintenance

Shrub Bed Maintenance

OSG zone crews care for the perennial beds, in terms of mulching and pruning. They do manual removal of weeds, spot spraying, and pre-emergent application to beds. They provide rejuvenations of shrubs and ornamental grasses. They participate in the renovations of shrub beds by identifying the decline of beds, helping with the install of new plants, and recommending replacements and removals of shrubs.

Turf Care

OSG provides turf care for all main campus and housing areas. This includes mowing, fertilization, irrigation, turf renovations, and broad leaf weed control.

Mow Operations

An OSG mow crew uses a 16-foot and 10-foot turf mower, three 72-inch mowers, and assorted specialty mowers to mow the entire campus turf area. They utilize mulching decks to reduce the use of water and fertilizer by returning organic matter to the landscape.

Litter Removal

OSG zone crews deliver comprehensive litter removal from all exterior campus spaces on a typical weekday basis. This responsibility includes organic debris cleanup and trash removal from trash receptacles, turf and shrub beds, and hard surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, gutters, parking lots, and pedestrian plazas.

Irrigation System

OSG maintains an irrigation system that provides water to 230 acres. This equates to approximately 35,000 sprinkler heads. The irrigation system utilizes over 90% raw water. That water is delivered from College Lake on the Foothills Campus to Main Campus through a 14-inch main line over three miles long. The irrigation system is controlled via centralized control.

Maintenance responsibilities include:

  • Change out broken sprinkler heads, nozzles, and sprinkler head adjustments
  • Identify and correct irrigation issues
  • Main line and lateral line repairs
  • Timing and controller adjustments

Tree Care

OSG is responsible for general tree care: mulching tree rings, pruning, tree removal, winter watering, as well as storm damage cleanup and tree health assessment and care. See the Tree Campus Higher Education section on the Outdoor Services webpage for more details on our committment to trees on campus.

Flowerbed Maintenance

The horticulturalist designs and the OSG flower crew installs new plantings and maintains the annual flowerbeds. There are over 100 different locations on Main Campus, Foothills Campus, South Campus, and within Housing and Dining Services that they maintain.

Integrated Pest Management

OSG follows an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to effectively manage pests, such as animals, insects, and weeds. Visit our IPM webpage to learn more.

Sports Turf

The OSG sports turf team prepare and maintain both natural and synthetic athletic facilities including The Jack Christiansen Track, Canvas Stadium and its adjacent practice fields, the Women’s Softball facility, the Women’s Soccer facility and the indoor practice facility. The Sports Turf Manager and his team regularly coordinate with coaches, athletic department officials and other university personal in order to provide support for all practices, games and other planned events at the campus athletic facilities. Painting and preparing fields for practices and games is completed in accordance with NCAA regulations and Sports turf industry best maintenance practices. Additionally, all fields are tested monthly to ensure the best possible playability. Athletic field renovations, including aeration, topdressing and overseeding of natural surfaces, and cleaning, de-compacting and grooming of synthetic surfaces are completed during the off-season or during other interruptions in play.

Event Support

OSG frequently provides support for events on campus, including Ram Welcome, Fall Address, Commencement, event support for Athletics and Conference Services, and various other events. They assist in set-up and teardown of sections on campus designated for these events, and space clean up before and after events.

Game Day Experience

OSG is responsible for support of campus-wide game day set-up, teardown, and clean-up activities. To ensure the most positive game day experience possible for fans, they work diligently to present a clean, safe campus environment on game days and to return campus back to normal as quickly as possible.

Snow Removal

Photograph of Outdoor Services shoveling snow from Canvas Stadium.

OSG is responsible for snow and ice removal of all hard surface areas. The Facilities Management Building Services Group is responsible for building entrances up to 20 feet from all buildings. OSG’s emphasis is to maintain safe access surfaces prior to the start of classes and to keep them clear the rest of the day, with a primary focus on accessibility routes. However, OSG resources are limited, so they ask everyone to exercise caution and take personal responsibility for their own safety in inclement weather. If you encounter an area that is particularly hazardous, please contact Facilities Management immediately at 970-491-0077.

Seasonal Hourly Employees

  • Seasonal hourly employees are an integral part of OSG operations during the growing season. They are heavily utilized on all OSG crews. To apply for a seasonal hourly position, please apply in person at 202 West Lake Street between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Students can apply for job on the CSU Handshake platform or in person.

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