Outdoor Services

Our Approach

The Outdoor Services Group (OSG) identifies and acts upon a wide range of needs, supporting campus patrons who contact them with concerns. OSG are often the first staff to respond to a concern, and their principal goal is to be responsive to the needs of the campus community. OSG uses best management practices to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for the campus community. OSG strives to minimize the impacts of maintenance activities on the quality of campus work life for students, employees, and residents.

Outdoor Services is composed of general grounds maintenance and heavy equipment/general services.

For details about Grounds, visit https://www.fm.colostate.edu/grounds.

For information on Heavy Equipment needs or General Services, visit https://www.fm.colostate.edu/heavyequipment.



OSG employees are experts in their fields. They hold a number of memberships, certifications, and licenses that bring value to the care and stewardship of the CSU environment, including:


Colorado State University Campus Arboretum

The Colorado State University (CSU) Campus Arboretum and Botanical Garden embodies CSU’s land-grant heritage and mission by offering an engaging learning laboratory environment for students, employees, and community visitors. We manage trees diverse in terms of age, class, and species, distributed over three campuses (Main, South, and Foothills), comprising 2,400 acres of land. The majority of CSU’s managed urban forest is located on the Main Campus within 220 acres of irrigated landscape. The Campus Arboretum leverages the investments of our historical and diverse urban forest, the Heritage Garden, PERC Arboretum, CSU Horticulture Research Center, Annual Flower Trial Gardens, and the Perennial Garden at the University Center for the Arts. The CSU Campus Arboretum is an exceptional asset for the community, advancing individual programs and efforts around research and teaching through the overarching structure and prominence of the arboretum, while solidifying a legacy that preserves our urban forest for future generations.

The Oval elm collection dating from 1881, is preserved for the long-term benefit of university and has continuing research value in finding efficacious treatments for evolving exotic pests of elm. The Heritage Garden & Arboretum Collection is 5.5 acres and was established over thirty years ago. It has the largest collections of woody plants in the region with over 1,100 different taxa represented.

View the CSU Tree Genus Species List.

Read about the CSU Oval Preservation Fund.

SOURCE: CO Woody Plants: An arboretum in your palm

Outdoor Services and volunteers planting new trees.

Tree Campus USA

OSG is responsible for approximately 10,000 trees, distributed over three campuses. Trees benefit our environment by providing shade and cooling effects, enhancing the beauty of our campus, protecting us from the wind, and cleaning our air.

To be a Tree Campus USA site, CSU ensures the protection and maintenance of our campus urban forest, reduce hazardous tree risks to public safety, and maintain a sustainable campus forest through tree species diversity and best management practices. The university joins more than 150 American colleges and universities recognized by the program. Specifically, Facilities Management and the Colorado State Forest Service team up to meet the five Tree Campus USA Standards: Campus Advisory Committee, Campus Tree Care Plan, Campus Tree Program with Dedicated Annual Expenditures, Arbor Day Observance, and Service Learning Project. Throughout each year, the Tree Advisory committee meets to ensure that the Tree Care Plan stays current and addresses new challenges as they arise. Each spring, they host an Arbor Day celebration, which provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn more about trees and their important role in our environment.

Join us each year for our Annual Tree Campus USA Planting Event! In April we held our 2019 Tree Campus USA Planting Event. Read about it:

SOURCE: Volunteer tree planting to focus on ‘Right Tree for the Right Place’ April 19

The Collegian: CSU receives 8th Tree Campus USA award at tree planting event


Pollinator Garden at Clark Building

Bee Campus USA

OSG intentionally promotes best practices for creating pollinator-friendly spaces on campus. One such effort has been the installation and maintenance of pollinator gardens. Considering the critical role pollinators play in our surrounding ecosystem, CSU has made a commitment to make our campus more welcoming to these essential creatures by becoming Bee Campus USA certified. Learn more about the Pollinator Friendly Campus Committee that supports our Bee Campus USA certification efforts.