• How are standing work orders handled in AiM?

Standing work order and other non-billable hours are handled through the shop’s “Shop Essentials” and “Uniform” work orders. Facilities has gone back to entering in all hours including vacation, sick, and other leave in AiM.

  • Shop Essential work order has three phases:
  • Training/Safety – enter hours worked for training, conferences, and safety meetings.
  • Shop – enter hours worked for various non-chargeable time such as supervisory time, cleaning your shop, estimating, shop meetings, non-shop meetings, etc.
  • Leave – enter leave hours including annual, sick, holiday, COVID, admin leave, and bereavement. Balances are not tracked in AiM. Please see TCP as that is the system of record.
  • Uniform work order
  • Each individual is assigned to one’s own phase to purchase taxable items such as shirts. This includes safety shoes and glasses.
  • Will historical data be imported into AiM?

This is going to depend on the data. In general, historical data will not be imported into AiM. However, all historical data will be archived and accessible in some format.

  • What will training look like for employees?

Training for employees will take many formats including: in person, on-line, and videos.

  • Does CSU host the AiM software?

No. AiM is a cloud-based solution hosted on a remote server through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Who is able to modify/update data in AiM?

AiM uses Roles to define User permissions. Each Role has a certain set of privileges based on its function within AiM. Users can belong to multiple Roles.

  • How will the internet/connectivity “dead spots” affect our work?

The Go app works off-line and will sync data to the system when it connects back to the network. Facilities Management is working with Telecom to strengthen the wirelss system to reduce dead-spots.

  • How long does the AiM Contract last and will there be an annual cost?

It is a 5 year contract with an option to extend 5 more years. Yes, there is an annual cost.

  • Are we using the AiM help desk module?

Yes. It is in the module called ReADY Request which allows our customers to report issues, make requests for services and then track those issues and requests.

  • What assistance (support) will there be to help with technical issues? Who will handle that or provide it?

Computer Services will provide initial FM support. Issues that cannot be resolved by Computer Services will be escalated to AssetWorks technical support.

  • Will AssetWorks make updates to the software in the future?

AssetWorks is constantly working on implementing new features that customers need and want. The more customers that need a feature, the more likely AssetWorks will work to implement the feature. There is also a large usergroup for AiM.


  • Can AssetWorks provide building analysis information?

It depends on the specific question and how we configure the software. AssetWorks provides a module called Analysis & Needs Assessment. This module provides analysis functionality but has not been implemented.


  • How will assets that are not in AiM (such as a pump too small to be tracked) be handled?

For small assets that are not entered in AiM, work orders will use the parent asset or system asset for tracking purposes.

  • Who can make changes to an asset?

Technicians can make changes/updates to the asset information in the GO AiM App. The Asset Manager will review and approve the changes before they are updated in AiM.

  • Will a technician be able to see notes/history/etc. on an assets they are working on?

Yes, as long as technicians have been putting in notes.

  • Will warranty information be available for an asset?

Yes. It is readily available so the technician will know if they need to call the vendor.

  • When Work Controls fields questions on O&M, can they find warranty tracking?

Warranty information can be maintained on an asset as long as that information is entered and maintained. Anyone with access can find it.

  • Can we use QR codes for all of our inventory?

Yes, Any equipment and inventory can have a QR code.


  • Will Asset Works use CSU Property Management decal numbers?

Asset Works QR codes will be independent from CSU Property Management decal codes. However, on some pieces of equipment you will see both types of labels.

  • Will AiM integrate with Time Clock Plus?

No. TimeClock Plus is the system of record for determining what an employee should be paid and for tracking all the different types of leave. AiM is the system of record for tracking chargeable time that employees work and who that time should be charged to. These systems do different functions and it has been recommended that we not try to make AiM into a time keeping system since this is not its function.

  • Will AiM integrate with Kuali?

Yes. The goal is to eliminate as much duplicate entry as possible.

  • Do we have to use iOS, or will we still be able to use Android?

The Go app only works on iOS devices, so users are encouraged to use Apple devices.

  • Does AiM have the ability to store or link to drawings of (or other documents related to) equipment, buildings, space, etc.?


  • Does AiM handle the use of digital signatures for authorizations?

AIM can support an approval process, but it does not support digital signatures such as DocuSign.

  • Will Transportation Fleet Managment by AssetWorks ever be integrated into AiM?

No, Transportation will not be moving to AiM. Asset Works Fleet Management software does not integrate with AiM. AiM does not provide the necessary functions for fleet management.


  • Can technicians enter time on work orders/phases through the GO app?

Yes. Technicians can enter their time through the GO app once they have been assigned to a work order/phase.

  • How will the GO app be used for asset management?

The GO app is the primary way asssets will be loaded into the system by a technician. Once entered into the app, along with the QR code, it is sent to be approved by the Asset Manager.

  • Can technicians order parts through the GO app?

Yes, the technician can order parts through the phase menu in the work order.


  • What is ReADY?

ReADY is the customer portal to AiM. It is used to report problems on campus. Soon ReADY will also include key requests, space information, and will replace WOA’s.

  • When is ReAdy going to be available to the CSU community?

The “Lite” version of ReADY Request is available. The full implementation is coming soon.

  • Can proctors submit pictures through the system?

Yes, proctors and anyone else submitting a work request through ReADY Request will be able to attach photos and other documentation.


  • How old is AssetWorks?

AssetWorks is about 20 years old.  One of its previous names was Facility Max.  This company has responded to changes in the industry, technology and customer needs to keep the product growing and current.  AssetWorks will continually be releasing updates as they make system improvements.

  • Are floor plans accessible through AiM?


  • Can students/staff/faculty use ReADY to report a problem, such as a broken sprinkler head, that is not an asset in AiM?

Yes. They can also attach a photo of the problem.

  • Will the software be bilingual?

Not at this time.