You Matter…Period is a Colorado State University service to provide free tampons and pads in All Gender restrooms.

Commissioned by Vice President for Student Affairs Blanche Hughes, a university task force researched the need, opportunities, and options for providing free period products on campus.  The You Matter… Period model was approved on October 30, 2018, by members of the President’s Cabinet, and the service launched in fall 2019.

Approved Task Force Recommendations

Service Model

  1. Free tampons and pads in at least every All Gender restroom on the main campus, South Campus, Foothills Campus, East Campus, Mountain Campus, Power House, and ARDEC. 
    • Additions:  38 designated buildings, which contain no All Gender restroom.  In these locations, the service will be added to the Women’s restroom closest to building’s designated main entrance.
    • Exclusions:  non-public restrooms in housing/residence spaces
  2. Dispensers and disposal bins are of a consistent model and branded with the same look and verbiage.
  3. Dispenser and bin installation follows CSU Facilities Management standards and ADA guidelines.
  4. Period products are stocked routinely with other restroom supplies.
  5. Costs for dispensers, installation, and maintenance covered by units responsible for the building.


  1. Complete initial implementation before August 2019, then include in each new All Gender restroom thereafter.
  2. Facilities Management and Auxiliary units shall evaluate the need for additional locations where building/facility occupancy and/or visitor volumes are disproportionately higher than the number of available All Gender restrooms can support.
  3. Facilities Management will update CSU building construction and maintenance standards to include the Service as a requirement in All Gender restrooms for all CSU buildings and facilities, including all leased partnership spaces.
  4. Facilities Management, VP for Diversity, Student Diversity Programs and Services, and Health Network will collaborate to host and maintain the web page with content to promote understanding and acceptance of the Service in alignment with the CSU Principles of Community.

Requesting Additional Installations

The You Matter… Period program model allows for building occupants to propose other campus restrooms for the service.  Leadership in Facilities Management or Auxiliary departments will consider requests for adding the service to other locations in their buildings where occupancy and/or visitor volumes are disproportionately higher than the number of available All Gender restrooms can support.  They consider the perspective and needs expressed in proposals and evaluate that against the current availability of the service and the costs related to expanding it in a building.

To have your request reviewed, please work with your Building Proctor to gather the following information, then email your proposal to the building services manager at Facilities Management or the Auxiliary unit in charge of your building.

Include the following in your request: 

• Requestor ’s Name

• Building Name

• Building Proctor

• Department(s) making the request

• Department Head(s) sponsoring the request

• Number of regular building occupants (staff who work in the building)

• Estimated number of building visitors

• The restroom room numbers proposed for expansion (for example, CN108)

• Brief narrative describing the need