Sustainability in Facilities Management at Colorado State University

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Mission Statement

The Facilities Management Department is committed to quality competitive service. Our mission is to anticipate and provide the physical environment, which enables Colorado State University to achieve its objectives in instruction, research, and public service.

Facilities Management and Sustainability

Facilities Management is the department charged with managing the physical aspects and daily operations of a larger system known as Colorado State University, in order to reach its overarching mission: to set the standard for public research universities in teaching, research, service and extension for the benefit of the citizens of Colorado, the United States, and the world. Due to the key role in upholding that mission, the department is committed to projects that conserve resources in order to create a more sustainable campus and community.

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Composting At CSU


Is CSU Composting? Yes!

Here at CSU we compost food waste, animal bedding, animal manure, green waste and more at our two composting installations - "Oscar" and "The Windrows".

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RecycleMania 2017 weekly results


The RecycleMania competition runs from early February through late March annualy. Weekly results will be posted here throughout the competition. In addition to the national competition, CSU conducts an internal competition between the residence halls and university apartments. Those results are also posted here.

Residence Hall Competition
University Apartment Competition
National Competition - Grand Champion
National Competition - Waste Minimization

Recyclemania - how did we do?

In addition to the national competition, CSU conducts an internal competition between the residence halls and university apartments. CSU 2014 RecycleMania weekly results are available below. For a complete history of RecycleMania at CSU visit the Sustainability in Facilities Management Reports & Campus Statistics page.

RecycleMania 2017 Results

CSU Receives STARS Gold Rating

Colorado State University has garnered a Gold rating by the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Reporting System, and currently has one of the leading scores in the nation. This self reporting tool offers a comprehensive look at campus wide sustainability efforts. By using this system, Colorado State University can assess areas in need of improvement while still recognizing major accomplishments in sustainability education & research.

View the full press release for additional details.

Foothills Campus 2 MW Solar Array

Phase Two of Foothills Campus Solar Array Now Complete!

The second phase of the solar power plant on the University's Foothills Campus is now up and running! This brings the total production at of the Foothills Campus solar installation to 5.3 megawatts. For additional information, see the Energy page, and for images of the array, please visit the Media Gallery.

A corresponding press release has also been produced, which discusses interesting information relating to the project.

Consumption & Diversion Estimates - Main Campus

The following numbers are derived from yearly estimate figures for each measurement. The real-time figures are calculated to the present date and time, using January 1, 2011 @ 0:00 AM as the start date and time.

The estimates are for Colorado State University Main Campus only...

Consumption and Emissions

Electricity usage (kWh)

Water usage (gallons)

Landfilled waste (lbs)

Equivalent CO2 emitted (lbs)





Impact of Green Projects

Electricity avoidance (kWh)

Water avoidance (gallons)

Recycled/composted waste (lbs)

Equivalent CO2 avoidance (lbs)





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Real-time Electricity Usage

Tips for Living Green

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  • The Campaign for Colorado State University EnergyCAP