University Public Art Committee Overview

The University Public Art Committee (UPAC) acts as a central review mechanism for works of art proposed for placement on the CSU campus. UPAC fosters the enrichment of the university’s visual environment while helping to assure that only works of public art of an appropriately high standard become part of the university environment permanently or temporarily. To assist in upholding appropriate standards, UPAC developed public art guidelines and set of procedures that govern the selection process for public art on campus. Any work of art added to CSU’s public art collection must be reviewed through UPAC.  In particular, UPAC aims to stimulate a dynamic public art presence not only on the university campus itself, but also in the City of Fort Collins, paying particular attention to areas of intersection where the city and the university come together.

UPAC is a subcommittee of the Physical Development Committee. Members meet on a quarterly basis to review artwork and evaluate the public art process. The committee coordinates and works closely with stakeholders on campus responsible for bringing art to the university. The public art collection is just one of several collections on campus. Collaboration in carrying out guidelines and procedures will include CSU Facilities Management, the Department of Art and Art History, the Office of Advancement, and the City of Fort Collins, among others. Many of these offices have representation on UPAC. Additionally, members engage in the public art selection process for state funded projects as needed. UPAC strives to operate on a timely and responsive basis relative to university units, donors, and others. Contact UPAC for any questions regarding the schedule.

Artist Roxanne Swentzell with sculpture of person

Public Art at CSU

Colorado State University (CSU) aims to enhance the campus environment through the acquisition and display of public art. Public displays of art by institutions of higher education should aspire to enlighten and enrich the lives of students, employees, alumni, and all visitors alike. Identifying works of public art operates equivalently to projects of research and publication in a variety of academic disciplines. As such, public art seeks to give visual and physical form to core values of the university, such as freedom of speech and expression, alongside respect for diverse viewers and users, and the creation of a stimulating yet safe environment. Stewardship for the existing collection of public art—and for all works entering the university’s collection in the future—is an integral consideration, as is caring for the value of the public art as a collection. To that end, the University Public Art Committee (UPAC) works to assure that all works of public art placed on campus reflect the university’s commitment to excellence, while also evaluating appropriate long‐ or short‐term care for these works. By actively expanding the collection and display of public art throughout the campus, the university endeavors to create a physical and aesthetic environment that captures CSU’s rich heritage, diversity, and enduring pursuit of knowledge. Explore the diverse artwork that CSU has in its public art collection or view it on the CSU interactive map.

Some of our public art is funded through the Colorado Art in Public Places Program, which allocates one-percent (1%) of capital construction funds for new or renovated state buildings. Learn more information about this program by visiting the Colorado Creative Industries overview of the Art in Public Places Program.

Read these November 2021 communications (SOURCE articleFM Weekly) about one of CSU’s recent works of public art, Good Earth, sculpted by Roxanne Swentzell.

Committee Membership

Lynn Boland, Director and Chief Curator, Gregory Allicar Museum of Art
Gargi Duttgupta, Campus Planner, Facilities Management
Suzanne Faris, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Art History
Not filled – ASCSU Representative, Associated Students of Colorado State University
Jessica Kramer, Landscape Architect and Environmental Graphic Designer, Facilities Management (Chair)
Ellen Martin, Visual Arts Administrator, Lincoln Center and City of Fort Collins
Jarad Heintzelman, Senior Graphic Designer, University Marketing and Communications
Kate Wyman, Senior Graphic Designer, University Advancement Engagement 
Doug Sink, Program Manager, Lory Student Center Arts Program, Campus Activities
Julia Innes, Facilities Management Program Assistant for the committee

CSU Public Art Resources


    • University Public Art Procedures – Describes the criteria and processes involved in the selection, acquisition, presentation, maintenance, preservation, and removal of public art displayed by the university.

    • Colorado State University Public Art Proposal Form – Outlines the information required for all submitted proposals. NOTE: Any proposal should be submitted with this form a MINIMUM of four months before the requestor’s desired installation date. Several other CSU committee may be required to review and approve the proposal and their agendas often fill quickly.

For more information about UPAC or the University Public Art Collection, please contact Jessica Kramer at 970-657-3919 or

Earth's Blanket by O'Connell-Creative Machines - large spheres