FM Daily Communication

Email with your topics of concern, comments, and updates, and we'll communicate out each day to keep us all connected and informed.

IWMS Training

AiM training resources are now online at the FM website, click here for more information.

Resource Allocation Plan Townhall FAQ’s

An online FAQ and information page regarding allocation of resources at Facilities Management.

Board of Governors May 2020 Program Plan

May 2020 Board of Governors meeting program plans and document.

Drinking Water

Each year CSU and the City of Fort Collins are required to deliver a report on the quality of drinking water provided to their customers. The report for CSU’s water distribution systems with water testing results from 2019 is available here, and the City’s report is available here.

While Teleworking

This page contains instruction for Facilities Management employees on how FM wants its employees to remotely connect to FM resources.  Other departments may use different processes.