CSU Center for Food and Agriculture at the NWC

The CSU Center will provide the facilities needed to provide experiential learning opportunities and impactful research within the areas of food systems, water, energy, the environment, and health, rooted in the rich history and culture of the National Western Center.

CSU Water Building at the NWC

The Colorado State University Water Building will create a convening place for rural, urban, and global water and agricultural interests, taking advantage of a location near the South Platte River, in a unique urban context, and building on partnerships within the Denver Metro area.

National Western Center Logo CSU Animal Health Complex at the NWC

The Animal Health Complex will bring together university experts, veterinarians from around the region, clinical and therapeutic service providers, and non-profit organizations to create a space focused on various aspects of animal health, including the connection between people and animals.

Board of Governors December 2020 Program Plan

December 2020 Board of Governors meeting program plans and document.

Conceptual sketch of Shepherdson Building. Shepardson Revitalization and Addition

Additions and renovations to the existing Shepardson Hall Building will include complete renovation of the existing building including most of the infrastructure systems.