Utility Database – EnergyCAP

At Facilities Management, we know the first step towards energy efficiency is maintaining a utility database. EnergyCAP is a software program designed for many things, such as energy information tracking, assessing the impacts of weather and rate changes, and calculating the cost avoidance attributable to energy management projects.

How to use EnergyCAP Online

Please refer to the following instructions for accessing our EnergyCAP Online system:

Software Requirements

  • Site works best with Chrome.

Logging In

  • Go to the EnergyCAP Online login screen.
  • The login information should be pre-populated for you. If for some reason, however, it is not, please enter the following credentials:
    • Username: EnergyCAP Public User

    • Password: dataaccess

    • Datasource: colostate
  • Click the Login button.

Browsing the Application

  • Once logged in, you can view information in a variety of categories:
    • Buildings & Meters
    • Groups & Benchmarking
    • Cost Centers & Accounts
    • Vendors & Rates
    • Reports

Viewing Reports

  • To browse all available reports, click Reporting in the top left drop-down.
  • From the directory listing, choose the folder that corresponds to the report you would like to view, such as Analysis Reports.
  • Select the name of the report you would like to view, such as Cost Per Unit of Energy Profile. A sample image of the report will be displayed on the right side.
  • Based on the sample image of the report, if this looks like the report you would like to view, click Next at the top right.
  • A list of available parameters (filters) will be displayed, with the top section showing any filters currently selected to limit the resultset. If the Current Filters section is blank, the report will be generated with no filters applied. If desired, filters can be applied by selecting them from the list, setting the limiting values accordingly, and clicking Save.
  • Click the Run Report button. If no filters were specified, a message box will display asking you to continue. Click Yes to proceed. Please wait a few moments, and a new window will open with the resulting report.

Logging Out

  • When finished using the EnergyCAP Online application, click Log Out in the upper right corner of the window.

Additional Resources

For more background information about the software application itself, please visit the EnergyCAP website. If you have any additional questions, please contact Heidi Mechtenberg.