CSU Sustainability training / information session opportunity

Curious to learn more about sustainability at CSU? Stacey Baumgarn, CSU Campus Energy Coordinator invites you to attend Sustainability 101 at CSU.

Details about this one-hour course:

Title: Sustainability 101 at CSU – what we do and how you can help

Description: CSU has received and achieved a lot of recognition in the category of sustainability. Remember, here at CSU, sustainability is about a holistic approach that recognizes the intersectionality of economics, social justice, and environmental justice. Sustainability 101 at CSU will have three parts. First, the session is designed to answer some FAQ's: What do we do? How do we do it? Who is involved? Second, offer your suggestions and ask your questions: What should we do? Why do we or don't we...? And third, we'll talk about how anyone and everyone can be a part of this success. If you would prefer I bring the training to you – just ask – I am glad to do it!

Goals and targeted audience: Learn more about sustainability efforts at CSU – what we do and how you are a part of the effort! No question is too small or too large - let's talk! The session is open to any interested faculty, staff or student. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Contact: Stacey Baumgarn 970-491-0328

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Dates/times/location (it is OK to just show up too)

  • Tuesday, Sept. 10th 2-3 pm, LSC, room 324
  • Wednesday, Oct. 9th 12-1 pm, Morgan Library Event Hall
  • Tuesday, Nov. 12th 9-10 am, LSC, room 372-374
  • Wednesday, Dec. 4th 1-2 pm, LSC, room 324