Heavy Equipment & General Services

The General Services Crew and Heavy Equipment Crew work closely together to accomplish a wide variety of campus services. These services include street maintenance, concrete work, hauling and trucking, excavation, snow removal, lab equipment moves and set up, and special events.

Our Services

Street Maintenance

  • Pothole repair
    • Report street potholes to Facilities Management dispatch at 970-491-0077, and give the specific location such as street name and nearby landmarks (building, cross roads, etc.).
    • Report parking lot potholes directly to Parking and Transportation Services at 970-491-7041.
  • Curb and gutter repair
  • Asphalt repair and installation
  • Annual street striping
  • Gravel road and gravel lot construction and maintenance
  • Street Signage
    • Signs include regulatory, cautionary, directional, etc.
    • Parking lot signs are the responsibility of Parking and Transportation Services

Concrete Work

  • Sidewalk repair and grinding to address trip hazards
  • Cutting
  • Concrete replacement and installation
  • Jackhammering, excavation, demolition
  • Core drilling
  • Patching
  • Anchoring
  • Installing small concrete pads

Hauling Services

  • Forklift services
  • Tractor trailer services with low boy trailer
  • Dump truck services

Excavation Services

  • Back hoe/excavator
  • Front end loader
  • Motor grader
  • Dozer
  • Skidsteer
  • Emergency utility work
  • Grading and earthwork

Snow Removal

  • Includes plowing and applying ice melt to streets, and large parking lots and snow pile removal.
  • If you have any concerns, contact Facilities Management dispatch at 970-491-0077.

Special Event Services

  • Set up and tear down for special events such as Graduation, RamWelcome, Convocation, Summer conferences, the President’s Fall Address, and many other events.
    • Schedule your event through EMS.

Athletics Support

  • Game day support for football, basketball, volleyball, etc.
  • Maintenance of Athletic facilities, such as Moby, South College Gym, indoor and outdoor tracks, etc.

Moving Services

The Facilities Management General Services crew is available to help move lab equipment. Refer to Remodels and Construction Services for all other general moving services on campus. Please note, Facilities Management is unable to perform work funded by 53 funds. 

Please provide layout maps of your new area posted on each door in the new space.


  • Will move large lab equipment (optical tables, centrifuges, bio-safety hoods, etc.). Forklift services are available for lab equipment.
  • Will move all refrigerators and upright freezers, but occupants must empty them prior to moving.
  • Some equipment may require disassembly for clearance reasons; the requester of the move must verify warranty will not be impacted should equipment require disassembly.
  • General Services is not able to disconnect gas, air, water, or electrical lines. Facilities Dispatch, 970-491-0077, must be contacted to arrange for appropriate technicians to perform these services.

Contact Information

  • Estimates & Scheduling
  • Facilities Dispatch – To disconnect gas, air, water, or electrical lines, call Facilities Dispatch at 970-491-0077.
  • Surplus – Make sure all your surplus items are clearly marked for surplus. Contact Surplus Properties at 970-491-1199 ahead of time.
  • Refuse & Recycling – Make sure all refuse and recyclable items are marked. Contact ISW at 970-491-0113 for pickups.
  • Environmental Health Services – The General Services Crew does not move hazardous material. Make sure all hazardous waste or chemicals are handled properly by contacting EHS at 970-491-6745.

For more information about Outdoor Services, which is composed of general grounds maintenance and heavy equipment/general services, please visit https://www.fm.colostate.edu/outdoorservices.
For information on Grounds, visit https://www.fm.colostate.edu/grounds.