CSU Green Ram Network

Curious to learn more about sustainability at CSU? Interested in becoming a peer-to-peer educator? Stacey Baumgarn, CSU Campus Energy Coordinator invites you to join the CSU Green Ram Network.

What is CSU GRN?

CSU GRN is the CSU Green Ram Network, a peer-to-peer (P2P) outreach and engagement effort designed to advance sustainability understanding and practices at CSU.  P2P educators are recruited, trained, and supported by CSU sustainability experts to prepare and deliver sustainability education to their peers within their college, unit, department, office, or group.

What do P2P educators do?

CSU GRN peer educators receive 2-6 hours of training per year and offer 2-12 hours of sustainability education, outreach, and support to their peers within their college, unit, or department per year. Hours of training and P2P engagement can vary by participant, but in general they dedicate the equivalent of 1-hour/month to CSU GRN.

Get involved – join CSU GRN

Are you CSU GRN? CSU GRN is always welcoming new volunteers who are passionate about sustainability, and would like to engage with their peers regarding sustainability practices on campus. If you would like to volunteer or just want to learn more about becoming a part of CSU GRN, please contact Stacey Baumgarn, Campus Energy Coordinator, at

CSU Green Labs

Do you work in a lab on campus? CSU Green Labs has some great programs to help you bring sustainability best practices to your lab. CSU’s Campus Energy Coordinator, Stacey Baumgarn, and the Research Safety Culture Program Coordinator, Anthony Appleton, have partnered to bring more visibility to the intersection of Sustainability and Research Safety – via a CSU Green Labs program. As the program is always evolving, check out the current initiatives at: