Contractor Resources

Project Management is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the University's capital projects. The Project Manager is involved early in the design process to contribute to project scheduling, cost estimating and contracting strategies and oversees the competitive bidding process and contract negotiations. While a project is under construction, the Project Manager is responsible for cost schedule, and quality control, approval of change orders and project close-out.

Keys for Contractors and Subcontractors

Keys to buildings or areas that need to be accessed during project work on campus are coordinated through the Project Manager responsible for that particular project. The Project Manager will fill out necessary paperwork to initiate the request for keys. Keys can be obtained at the Key Desk at the north reception area of Facilities Management, Facilities Services Center - North, a few days after the request is made. Keys will only be held for 30 days after the key request is made. Call 491-0056 to see if keys are ready for pick-up. All keys must be returned to the Key Desk after the project work is complete.

Construction Parking Permits

Persons working on CSU construction projects need to park in designated staging areas, the Bay Farm area south of campus or by applying for a CSU Construction Parking Permit. These parking arrangements should be coordinated through the Office of Parking Management. Monthly permits are available for $10.00 per car, with no limit to number of permits allowed per project. Some projects may have designated staging areas and those areas should be used. These also require a Construction Parking permit. There is no charge for Construction Parking permits.

All persons parking on campus are required to adhere to University Parking Services parking regulations and will be held responsible for parking violations. If an alternate vehicle is used, an additional permit is required; or the University Parking Services or the CSU Police Department will issue a ticket. Permits for all other areas on campus can be purchased in person at University Parking Services. For more detailed parking information, access the University Parking Services Web Page.

Construction Project Manager Office Assistants

Administrative support to the Project Managers (Constructions Services) is provided in the following areas:

  • design review
  • contract review and processing
  • budget review
  • computer programs
  • close-out of projects