Physical Development Committee (PDC)

Mission Statement

The Physical Development Committee is a representative body of the University. The committee, in conjunction with the Director of Facilities Management, acts as an advisory body to the University through the Vice President of University Operations. They are concerned with the physical development of the total environment of Colorado State University's campuses, where function, aesthetic quality, and physical character are intermixed to create a desirable and inspirational atmosphere for students and employees. This mission is accomplished through the development, revision, and application of the University's facilities master plan.


The membership of this committee brings together multiple areas of expertise for making sound recommendations. Each member of this committee will represent one of the constituencies below and will be responsible for reporting the activities of this committee to their particular constituency.

Current Members

View the current members page to see the entire list of committee members at the present time.

Procedures for Request

Visit the procedures page to view details of the procedures for request to the University Physical Development Committee.

Charge to the Committee

Act as an advisory body to the University through the Vice President of University Operations on the physical development of the total environment of Colorado State University's campuses by development, revision, and application of the University's facilities master plan. Specifically the committee will provide input on the following:

Architectural Control

Maintain established design criteria within which unified and attractive campuses can develop without imposing intolerable restrictions upon imaginative design. The committee will review plans for construction during the programmatic stages and schematic design phase for compliance with design standards and the University Master plan.

This would include items such as the following:

  • Architectural Planning and Design
  • Building Locations/Site Proposals
  • Campus Circulation
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Landscape Planning and Design Review

Program Planning

Consult with Facilities Management for University issues pertaining to facility program plans.

Building Names

Review and make recommendations on proposals submitted to them concerning generic naming or renaming of facilities.


Make recommendations to the Vice President of University Operations relating to campus graphic proposals.

Water Resource Management

Review current and proposed uses of University owned and operated water resources and make recommendations for its management.

Capital Construction Priorities

Coordinate with Facilities Management to make recommendations for the Capital Construction Long-Range Planning list for the University that coincide with overall University plans as developed annually through the planning process.

Land Resources

Review and make recommendations for issues concerning campus land acquisitions or leases of space on and off campus. This would include University owned and operated land resources and land management. Campus growth and property transactions will be reviewed for accordance with the Master Plan.

Facilities Standards

Coordinate with Facilities Management for involvement with the construction standards. These standards should be approved and supported by the Physical Development Committee.

Master Plan

Work with and make recommendations Facilities Management in the Master Planning Process. The guidelines developed in the Master Plan will act as the constant for all decision-making and recommendations given by the Facilities Management and the Physical Development Committee.

Protection of Historic Properties

Make recommendations for the control of properties considered to be of historical significance to the University.

Organizational Details

The Director of Facilities Management, Chairman. The chairman is to establish agenda, schedule meetings, produce, and maintain committee records.

The committee may request other University personnel to participate in meetings for additional pertinent input as appropriate.

Meetings shall be held monthly on a regularly scheduled basis. The Chairman or Vice President of University Operations as required shall call additional meetings.

The committee may establish ad-hoc sub-committees as they deem appropriate to handle specific special projects. Sub-committees will have direct involvement with the Physical Development Committee, be given guidance, goals, and parameters to work within, and be in existence as long as deemed necessary for presentation of its recommendations.

Recommendations shall be presented to the Vice President of University Operations for review, implementation, or other action. That office will seek approval of the president, governing board, state level offices, etc., as required.

The committee will establish and publish a set of processes, procedures and rules for the conduct of its business as it deems appropriate, provided that they are not in conflict with other policies, rules, regulations, and procedures established by the University and Governing Board. It is recommended that these include but not be limited to:

  • No vote by proxy
  • Some level of required attendance with provisions for replacement of representatives for failure to attend
  • Process for using/presenting to the committee
  • How voting works: consensus, majority, or 2/3 vote
  • Terms of service
  • Definition of quorum

Addendum to Physical Development Committee

The following is a list of active sub-committees working on specific projects.

  1. Traffic - This subcommittee makes recommendations to the committee concerning the development of a campus traffic master plan. The master plan includes pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle traffic flow and parking facilities.
  2. Arts Display Committee - Prior to display, all artwork shall be submitted to, registered with, and reviewed by the Arts Display Committee (ADC). The ADC, a subcommittee of the University Physical Development Committee, will:
    • Recommend sites for permanent art display and solicit and/or commission artwork including the definition of the scope and type of artwork desired.
    • Participate in the utilization of 1% of capital construction projects designated for artwork.
    • Consider the temporary or permanent display of unsolicited artwork.
    • Review all submitted artwork for quality of composition based upon skill applied in choice of medium, form, scale, color and other skill-related elements of composition.
    • Recommend acceptance for display or rejection, and if accepted, recommend suitable display site, scheduling, duration of display, and other conditions that may be appropriate on a case-by-case basis.
    • Forward their recommendations to the Physical Development Committee. The Physical Development Committee and the Vice President of University Operations will review all artwork to be displayed for site selection and duration of display.