Reflection Rooms and Spaces at CSU

These rooms have been made available for the University community and visitors to meditate, pray, and otherwise spend time in quiet reflection. Reflection Rooms are also called Meditation Rooms in some facilities. CSU can restrict access to this facility should the room be used in a way other than its intended use.

How to Access the Rooms

Some reflection rooms require a valid RamCard to access the room. Reflection rooms should remain unlocked at all times unless in use. Please leave the door unlocked when you leave so others may access the room.

How to Schedule

Employees, students and visitors wishing to use a reflection room should consult the Reflection Room directory below. Scheduling rooms varies by location. Many of the rooms can be scheduled using the Calendar functions through your University Outlook email account.

Instructions:  How to Schedule a Reflection Room on Outlook Calendar (PDF)

If you don’t have Outlook available to you, contact the building proctor ( ) to assist you with scheduling.


For information about more inclusive spaces on campus, visit the Inclusive Campus website (

Guidelines for Use

Please respect others' culture and this space: • Remove your shoes • Do not leave any religious iconography/pamphlets • No candles, incense or diffusers • No food/drink • No animals • No studying • No sleeping • No soliciting

Reflection Room Directory

  • Lory Student Center Reflection Rooms– These rooms are first come, first served. For more information, contact the LSC Student Center Front Desk: 970-491-6444
  • Stillpoint Reflection Room at the Health and Medical Center – Currently closed due to COVID concerns. For more information: or contact the Health and Medical Center information desk: 970-495-5246
  • Michael Smith Natural Resources Building Reflection Room 257 - Schedule through Outlook Calendar (Fac RM Reflection Michael Smith Bldg Room 257)
  • Morgan Library Reflection Room 200A - This room is first come, first served. For more information:
  • Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Reflection Space Room 144  - This room is first come, first served.