Instructions & Information

  • Please complete the following form.
  • When finished, click the Submit button. If this button is not clicked, the request will not be submitted.
  • A service request must also be issued for this order using the FAMIS Self-Service system (expand “Application Systems” menu for link). After clicking this link, you will need to log in with your eID and then click the FAMIS Self-Service link to gain access. The request in FAMIS Self-Service will be converted into a work order authorization before the order can be fulfilled.
  • If any custom items are selected, enter the details of the customization(s) in the Additional Information field at the end of the form. Each customization may result in a price alteration and change in installation charge, which will be reflected on the quote that is sent back to you.
  • The phrase or name of a sign entered in the Sign Text column is case-sensitive, and should match the standard used in that department or section.
  • All room number signs are also printed with the Braille equivalent.
  • For orders that have more items than the available lines on this form, please submit additional form orders to accomodate those items.
  • For any questions about this form, or if signage is needed for an entire building, please contact Mary Casey at 970-658-7102.

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