The CSU Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Standards are maintained by Facilities Management of Colorado State University to assist and guide architects/engineers/designers. The documents provide criteria for designs leading to construction.


The CSU Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Standards provide criteria to architects/engineers/designers as they complete project designs. As a contractor for Colorado State University, your primary responsibility is to adhere to the project specifications, drawings, and contract documents. The Standards are the basis of and supplementary to the specifications/drawings. Note: Substitutions for standard items noted in the Standards must have prior approval by the architect/engineer/designer and Colorado State University.

Construction Standards Updates

The Standards are updated at various times throughout the year. Please refer to the Revision Log in Part 1 – General Standards. The revision date is noted in the footer of the document. Architects, engineers, and contractors should download and/or print copies of current Standards to minimize design and construction conflicts if a new standard is issued in the middle of a project.

Part I – General Standards

Part II – Design Standards

Part III – Technical Standards (by CSI Division)

Part IV – Regulatory Requirements

Additional Documents